Zero cost solar is a SCAM…or is it?

hey how are you and welcome to another episode of QA Tuesday it's James here your go to some expert here to guide you step-by-step through all your solar options I know there's a lot of misconception and misinformation about solar and my goal is to educate homeowners just like you so you can make the best decision for your particular situation so this episode is not necessarily a question right it's more of a comment I'm seeing this a lot on on my Facebook page and I also see it a lot on different other solar pages as well right that I'm following and the concern or the comment is is a zero upfront cost solar panels a scam right you guys probably see this all the time when you guys are searching as well right so I'm pretty sure you guys can relate to this you always see like you know get solar panels no cost and someone to meet somebody endeavor put this is a scam right don't do it but I wanted to clear up the air because like I said there's a lot of misconception and misinformation about solar right I'm gonna clear this up today so zero solar panels is not a scam right so if you're one of those people that's typing that in or making messages and and commenting a different social media outlets stating that solar panels at zero cost is a scam I'm going to clear this up and it's not a scam right so there's a few ways solar companies earn their money right so this is the few ways there are a few ways the solar companies actually get paid so the first way the solar company actually makes money is they have investors right so they either have a Bank of America they have Wells Fargo or any type of banking institution that's actually funding them or they have a large major company that's funding in like say for example a Google Yahoo Tesla BMW Honda there's a whole bunch of huge investors out there that's actually investing money into renewable energy right so that's one way solar companies get funded right so the second way solar companies actually make money is through tax credits right so if you decide to lease a system the federal government will actually issue the 30 percent tax credit to the solar company rate so if you decide to purchase the system you'll get the tax credit so since you're leasing the system no money out of pocket to you to help the companies will to recoup some of your investment is the federal government will actually issue that 30 percent tax rate to the solar company right so that's the second way solar companies make money the third and final way the solar companies make money is through you paying them your solar bill right so instead of painted low key utility company you're actually paying the solar provider so for example California and the local utility company out here is PG&E when homeowners go solar out here in the PG&E territory instead of paying PGD for example hundred dollars every single month they're actually paying solar companies that's less amount of energy whatever that is right so for example they're paying $130 utility company maybe they're only paying $70 through store so basically the solar company eventually becomes the utility company right so those are the three main ways of solar companies make money and no zero a putz solar is not a scam right I hate to burst your guys's bubble out there the ones are typing that internet all the time right so it is not a scam it's actually a really good way to save money at electric bill and also save money and environment without no money out of your pocket so that concludes this episode Q&A Tuesday but before you take off please be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel so you get all my updated videos as it comes out if you want to dive in deeper to learn all your solar options make sure you click right on this video to sign up for a free no-obligation solar consultation that will go over together it's going to be a one-on-one meeting which will go over all your savings exactly where the panels are located and I'll answer any questions that you have so go ahead and click right on this video and sign up for a consultation today goodbye for now and I'll talk to you soon

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