Why did we Adopt Solar Power at Our Home? | Solarify | Bengaluru, India

Maybe as I grew up right, that was always
there, I always wanted to give something back to the society. I thought this was
one of the ways to do it. There's always this guilt when you build a house
I mean just if you're living normally right? There's always this guilt that
you're just being a consumer right, of the natural resources.

And during the
construction wood, plastic, all the water that we use for the construction, we're only consumers, we're not giving back anything to the nature. That was one
of the reasons why I thought "Yeah, we should do something." Solar was a great
idea, I came across good people as well, so (My family is) always supportive. You've spoken to my dad, so, he is very knowledgeable in this area as well. And mom was a school
teacher, so she used to talk about the environment, saving the environment and stuff like that. So it's always been there, the extended family as well, many people
supportive of this, it was not very difficult to convince them. It was quite simple for me. If you ask me what the benefit is I'm not spending anything, (not even a) single rupee for my power usage and on the contrary, we're contributing the extra power to the grid, is it not? that's the thing. The whole crux comes to:
"You are not spending anything, and in contrast, you're contributing to the grid.

There is absolutely no outage from here, no wastage from this and it's always on the positive side, what else can I expect? When we look at the electricity bills we have paid in the past, it really hurt now that we got a chance to regenerate our own electricity, and using the solar power, it really feels good. I feel good that we got these solar panels installed got these solar panels installed. I think it's just a step towards a greener environment for the next generation, and just being a responsible citizen We are happy to generate our own electricity. Thanks to the solar energy and everyone at Solarify.
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