What’s worse? Mismatched solar panels with different amps in series or parallel?

Hi, this is Amy from the altE Store. So I
am going to show how to wire two mismatched solar panels together. I've got two 24V solar
panels. One is a 24V 200W, and one is a 24V 100W. So this is half the output of this one.
So we're going to take some measurements and see, going though an MPPT charge controller,
to a 12V battery, am I better off wiring these in parallel or in series? Right now I've got
just the 200W solar panel connected going through the charge controller, through my
amp meter. I'm reading 7.57 amps, so I'm going to write that down (7.57A).

Now, I'm going
to connect the 100W all by itself. OK, so now I have the 100W 24V solar panel going
through the MPPT to the battery, and just let that do it's thing, and I'm going to get,
here we go, 3.85A. So I had 7.57A from the first one, and I've got 3.83A from the 100W.
That makes sense, it's about half the the current. So, let's put them in parallel now.

OK, so I've got the 200W and the 100W, both 24V going through the MPPT charge controller,
in parallel, to my battery. So let us see what it does. So the MPPT is analyzing, and
it is going to put out 10.74A. Now if I were to add those two currents together that I
got earlier, I would have gotten about 11 1/2, so I got just over 10, 10.6. And now,
let's actually take them and wire them in series, and see if we get a different output.
Alrighty? Because this is MPPT, remember we can in fact take a higher voltage, put it
into the MPPT charge controller, you have to check the voltage range of the charge controller.
But this one will be able to handle the two of them in series.

Here we go. I've got the
200W and the 100W solar panels, both 24V wired in series. So I have 48V going into the MPPT
charge controller. Coming out, and what we are going to see is the MPPT charge controller
is going to be converting it and, wow, I've got 7.6A coming out. So it actually really
preferred having the solar panels in parallel. The 200W 24V and the 100W 24V. So the volts
were the same, but the amps were different, and it really really preferred having them
wired in parallel. I hope this was helpful, if so, give us a like and a share. And be
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