What Is the Monthly Cost of a Tesla with Solar?

(gentle music) – So I figured out how to charge my Tesla for 25 bucks a month. Let me show you how. Hey, I'm Ben Salinger.
Welcome to Teslanomics, the show where I decode
the data behind Tesla, a company that's really
changing our world. And today I'm excited
because I have data about using the sun to power your Tesla. And specifically what
I wanna show you is the set up I got on my house and, granted, I live in a place that's really sunny, San Diego, California, and
I use a ton of electricity, because I have an EV,
plus I work from home, and all those kind of things. So, whether or not it makes sense for you, I'll let you decide. In fact, I have other videos on that. But here, I just wanted
to show you essentially what the cost is now
that I have solar and, essentially I'm getting
all my energy through that instead of from the grid. So stay tuned, and
we'll dive into the data here in a second.

The system I ended up with is 5.12 kW. I have 16 panels on my roof, and they basically offset all of the energy I need. You can see in my specs here that I also have included a Tesla Powerwall,
which I do not have yet. I'm still waiting on that. But once I do have that,
I'll for sure update you and show you exactly how
I'm using that to kinda offset my rate. The key thing on this
slide is that previously I was paying about $190 per month, and now my bill is gonna
be only $10 a month. That is because there's
a $10 a month utility fee just to be connected to the grid.

Now, the way that shakes
out on an annual basis is that essentially I was
paying almost $2,300 before. Now, I'm only looking at about $120. And again, that's simply
because of that fee. So this system is going to
generate all the energy I need, including that to charge my Tesla. So let's take a look at the price now and see essentially what solar is gonna be costing me on a monthly basis. It starts out by taking a look
at the total system price, which was just over $20,000. When you subtract out the 30% ITC, that's the Federal Tax Credit, we're down to about $14,000 as a net cost. So $14,000 for 16 panels
and to essentially offset 100% of my electricity needs, with the exception of
that monthly utility fee. If I take a look at
this on a monthly basis, well, we have a 25-year
warranty on the system.

So, on an annual basis, that's $562. Remember I was paying
$2,300 just about before. But monthly, that would come out to $47, plus that utility fee,
and my total monthly cost for electricity,
that is essentially the solar cost plus the utility fee, is $57. So how much of this will be for my Tesla? Well, I took a look at the previous year, and I broke it down by the percentage used for each different rate tier. Now, the rate tiers for
me are the time of day. I have a time of use rating system. And I only charged my Tesla
from midnight to 5:00 a.m., in what is considered the super off peak, which is the red one on this chart.

So if you take a look at
that, the percentage of that rate, it kind of varies, right? It goes up really high early on, and then it kinda dips down. But overall, the average for my super off peak usage is 45%. Okay, so we now know what
our monthly charges are and what the Tesla's gonna be using. So we're there. We have our total monthly cost of $57, that's for all of our electricity. Then the usage rate of
45% just for the Tesla, which gives me a total of $26
per month to charge my Tesla. Now I don't drive a lot. I drive about 800 miles or so. It's 'cause I work from home. But a lot of other folks
are gonna be driving more, so I wanted to put this in perspective in terms of what it might
be like to compare this to the cost of gas, of fueling your cars. So I did that analysis as well and, where I live, in San Diego,
and how much I drive, it would be about $92 per month. And I got all the data from Gas Buddy, and I looked up a lot of
different fuel economy stats to come up with this number, and I'll put all the links to those in the description below.

So when you subtract out the monthly cost of my Tesla, the 26
bucks, which is what it is now with solar, I'm
saving about $66 a month. So, not a tremendous amount of money. But, if you annualize this, it comes out to just under $800, and
if we wanted to be silly, we could think, if I
kept my car for 25 years, and nothing else went wrong, I'd be saving almost
$20,000 over that time span. So thanks for joining
me on another episode. I hope this data helps you, and I hope you decide to
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