What is a Tier 1 solar system, and is it important?

Solar panels are also sometimes called, oh,
this is a tier one panel, and the customer hears, that is a very good panel. Tier one has nothing to do with the quality
of the panel, the financial strengths of the company, it is a label that Bloomberg Financial
has once invented to look at companies that have supported solar farms. It is a very misleading label because, as
I said, it does not give you any indication of the quality of the panel, or it doesn't
give you actually an indication of the actual strengths, financial strengths of the company. Disregard to the tier one label. LG is a tier one panel, but there are many
other categories such as the financial strengths of the company, the quality control, does
the company make their own cells, or do they buy them from third companies and they're
really more of an assembler, those kinds of things.

Have you ever heard of the brand? If you've never heard of the brand, how do
you know… I mean, 25 years is a very long relationship
with your system. You really want somebody who's been there
and lived 25 years. Most of the other solar manufacturers have
not been around for 25 years, but they actually give you a 25 year performance warranty. If you see an advertisement, tier one, tier
two or any, it's usually always tier one, disregard it. An advertising that offers you free panel,
free wifi, tier one, 25 years performance warranty. There's a lot of dressing up, it's not an
indication of quality.

Do your own research..

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