What are the Different Types of Solar Panels? | Solar Energy FAQs

What are the different types of solar panels? When it comes to the actual solar modules themselves, there are several different types out there For residential applications, the typical module out thee is a monocrystalline or polycrystalline module Monocrystalline, as per its name, means that you have a single or monocrystal. Because these cells are made from a single crystal in process, they have a very solid, and dark colored look to them.

The other part about this is that because it's monocrystalline, it has a lot more freedom or movement within the cell itself for the electrons to flow, thus, monocrystalline panels had a slightly higher efficiency than polycrystalline panels Polycrystalline, also sometimes known as multi-crystalline, instead you have multiple crystals put together when you're basically making your cell Because you have multiple crystals together that's what kinda gives it its blue, sparkled look to it Also because there are lots of crystals in there, there's a lot less free flowing room for all the electrons and because of that, there's more friction, thus resulting in a slightly less efficient panel. So someone might ask, why do you choose one over the other? One of the main reasons to be considered would be the aesthetic look of it.

Monocrystalline panels have a very solid color and a very solid look, so a lot of people like the aesthetics that come with them. Polycrystalline have that speckled look, and while there's nothing wrong with polycrystalline, people sometimes don't like how it looks. Also, when you have roof space, using a monocrystalline panel that has a slightly higher efficiency will result in more output per square foot of space required.

So why do people go with polycrystalline? Well, the truth is that polycrystalline is slightly cheaper to produce because of the way it's made. So a lot of times you will see polycrystalline on large utility or commercial projects, or on projects where the aesthetics aren't nearly as important as on the typical home. Semper Solaris.

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