[Music] these are tesla solar panels there's a chance that that is signed by elon musk big things are happening at our house today and i'm not talking about the giant 12 foot tall 3d printed 6 000 pound statue of my friend jerry rig everything which we are going to take apart and see what's inside and it's kind of crazy but no a year ago we made a video called why we are not getting tesla solar tesla would not even come to our little town in southern utah no because they didn't have certified installers we told them that we would pay extra to have somebody come from las vegas or from salt lake city for them to install it and they basically just said no we had a tesla power wall that was going to be for free no they couldn't even ship it to us because there were no certified installers here so fast forward now 12 months later here's where we're at because he had certified installers in his area i had them ship the tesla power wall to my friend zach from jerryrig everything but somebody from tesla was really cool one of the regional managers called me personally and said do you know any solar installers in your area that we can certify to become installers what do we need to do to get it in your town so it took about six months but i did know some people they went through the tesla training they got certified and now right behind me is tesla solar today is the day we are getting it installed on our house we're doing it in three different places i want to show you the process how it works and then also show you the results because i'm excited to see how good is tesla solar really is it worth the cost and the hassle of putting them on your roof now a lot of you are going to be saying but wait a second i thought tesla had tiles that look just like roof tiles that go on your roof so it looks seamless so it doesn't even look like you have solar yes they do have that but they also have a but they also have another option where it's actually but they also have another option that are solar panels like traditional solar panels and what you see and over the last couple of years tesla has dropped the price of these dramatically to where it is very affordable the cost of energy in our town is not super expensive but still but still solar is helpful to have so first things first let's go up on the roof and see what this looks like the last time i was up on this roof i stepped on these tiles and they broke oh i broke one the roofers did tell me that over time they will harden with the weather either i've lost a lot of weight or they are hardened i'm scared to walk on it okay these are the tiles that we have on our roof right now which is different than a lot of you that have asphalt shingles it makes it a little easier to put the brackets on because we have these giant clay tiles you have to get a specific kind of bracket all right what is this bracket that we're putting on yeah it's a snap and rack flashing and then this is the riser and then the base plate that slides on there still seals off and has some rubber gaskets below and above flush on there let that lip sit right in there just here so we don't scrape it up this down with ease slide in there pretty good that's it wow you just lift those things up put them down so now that we've got this cover on here we're going to put the foot and like a rubber bolt with like a little seal on it so that it keeps the water out [Music] next step is to get the rails and you put them on there get the rails all secure then you put what's called optimizers on there and they're like a little electronics things that measure how much energy is coming in and out and also have a shutoff so that you don't get shocked and basically that's what you put on before you take the panels and put it on there and connect it so that it can capture all the beautiful energy from the sun and charge my electric car pretty easy today things are getting real we have an official tesla energy truck no it is not a cyber truck i'm sure next year all of them will be tesla energy cyber trucks it's a ford f-150 that's nice at least they know what a good truck is because ford f-150s they're good trucks every single solar panel is actually on the roof right now like everyone they are not connected to the electronic system so that is the next step right now they're running wires all throughout the house all throughout the attic it's kind of a pain to have to go run all the wires everywhere i feel bad for them like this is a hard thing to go into a house we should have planned it better when we built the house this box right here is what's called the gateway and this gateway is covered by this beautiful white glass cover this box right here is also a gateway if we open it up let's see if it'll open but obviously this does not look as good as what the glass gateway looks like over there this is what tesla sent with the free referral power wall so it is really nice that i got this brand new the latest edition glass gateway with all of the different parts that will work for our huge house but i also had to spend an extra 1 000 just to get that also a little sneak peek here's the power wall and look under there it's red it's a red power wall there's a chance that that is signed by elon musk because i know he signed a lot of the reward ones that went out to people and it would be so cool if i had a red signed by elon musk power wall outside of my garage so that'll be fun once we get it up on the wall we'll rip all that off and we'll see if it's science you want to see what it looks like with all the solar panels so there we go all along the rv garage they are incredibly dusty right now so dusty so we'll have to spray those off before we use them but there's all the panels 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 21 so we've got 21 on this roof one two three four five six on this roof [Music] and then on this roof right here we have one two three four five six seven eight all twelve if my count is right we have 12 on this roof man they are so dusty i'm gonna have to come out here and clean these things all the time so if my math is right that's twelve i don't know here's the number i don't even remember what the second roof had or the first one was 21 40 40.

I think we have 40 panels i don't know i could be wrong south facing solar would make so much more sense but we don't want to put them on the front of our house because while i don't mind them on the rv garage i definitely don't want them on the front of my house that could be very ugly [Applause] look at the size of that poop look at that it's almost as big as my hand and it's everywhere they just are pooping all over the pool have they pooped on zach we still have zach's hat on so i don't see really much poop but that is an attack that is an attack and that across my solar panels is an attack every january these birds come if you remember last year we did a video on the birds pooping on our house they pooped everywhere it was an attack on our house it really was turns out every january they come and they eat these little berries that are on the trees over there and it's just the perfect time of year where they came south i don't know and they're just here living there's a pond down the road and they just hang out here and decide to poop on our lawn and everywhere hey get out of here birds get out of here this is a pole that is 30 feet long with bristles on the end of it like a brush and then the water squirts out of those two places but look how long that is [Music] three months later so check this out it has been a few months that we've had solar on our house and it just wasn't enough like it's probably 10 of the energy that we need for our house so i've made a decision instead of having 36 panels on our house we're going to have more i need to do quick math 36.

Plus 20. he's 46. good math okay so no that's 56 i'm so dumb we're going to have 56 panels on our house and so right now we got these new ones here and if you've never seen solar panels like not on a house they're actually quite light we're gonna put them on the back of our studio and then also on top of the patio we can put six on top of the patio and another 12 on the other side and then there's two that aren't working we use a lot of energy i mean we have four electric cars that takes up a lot of energy and then of course we do have like six air conditioning units it's a big house these are really tall solar panels they're about six feet tall and they produce a maximum of 340 watts i think it's watts so they're good solar panels and they're from tesla these are tesla solar panels there we go the two are in here this one's the red one i'm thinking maybe right here on this wall this is the white one we're thinking over here on this one i just want to pull all of that off right now but i'm going to wait i'm going to wait until it's up on the wall just to be safe this is the moment the power walls have been installed we've been testing them out they work on the system it's right now capturing the sun's rays and it's more than our house needs and it's filling up these battery packs right now so what we need to do is we need to take off the plastic cover this thing so it looks prettier on the side you can see the green light is just shiny it's like pulsing that tells you that the energy is actually going into the battery pack right now into the power wall because this one came from tesla as a reward it could have a signature on there from elon musk i didn't know that it might have a signature so you really don't know okay and i didn't know that was eight thousand dollars we're learning things that's a lot it is a lot i don't know fun fact like we interviewed bill gates a couple of weeks ago and we asked him about the tesla power walls and the batteries and that is one of the things he said he said that it's too expensive batteries are very expensive in terms of that type of grid storage we've gotten good enough for the uh battery for the electric car but the grid battery has to be about 20 times cheaper and i don't know if we can do it or not it's not just tesla it's lg chem it's all of the battery manufacturers they need to bring the cost down so they can be more affordable otherwise you're paying so much money just to get some energy from the sun that sometimes it doesn't make as much sense financially here we go it's time satisfaction time okay [Music] okay that's not bad i like that it's white and then it blends the wall yes let's see and his elo must signature on here oh my god oh it looks so good [Music] no signature i've seen lots of other youtubers get the signature because it's a reward one i mean i get it the guy is busy but oh that looks good see i know you like the white but the red looks so good i wish that they i don't care which color but i wish that they matched well i like them both we need to switch the cars we need the red car on that side and we need a white roadster can we get another roadster no no oh that looks good it really stands out it's like art that's what i like about it i like having some art i love the interface on the app to be able to see exactly what is happening the other day the power went out in our neighborhood and i know recently with the storms in texas it kind of highlighted that hey guess what you can't always rely on the grid to give you power all of the systems across the country when it comes to power the systems are some of them are publicly owned some are privately owned and they've been around for decades there's been so much growth and the infrastructure hasn't really kept up there's going to be more outages i don't care if you live in a beautiful sunny place like i live in where it's like blue skies or you live in somewhere like florida where there's hurricanes or we live somewhere in texas where guess what every 100 years you might have a snowstorm we can keep some of our house cold with the air conditioning unit in the summertime if the power is out with the power walls and with the solar power and that is something that's just a piece of mind that i'm super incredibly grateful to have this is not a cheap thing it was expensive to get this and the payoff is going to take years and years for me to pay it off if you're somebody that's considering getting tesla roof tiles or tesla solar or tesla power walls i will put a link in the description and right here on the screen to my tesla referral code so if you're somebody that learned something from this video and encouraged you to get tesla solar feel free to click on my link and it is an affiliate code i think we do get some money for it maybe a couple hundred dollars if you buy tesla solar and i think you get something too maybe a couple hundred dollars i'm not sure what the full program is right now but yeah this is our journey it's been a lot of fun oh and check this out if the audio is not so good right now that's why we got loud fall things going on right there

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