We Loved Our Solar System So Much We Bought Another System for Our Business

My name is David Long, this is my wife Janet and we are proud customers of Cape Fear Solar. At our company myEmployees we
handle the employee recognition programs for approximately 10,000 clients across
the US and Canada. Walmart is our biggest account at about
1,700 stores. We have 54 employees and it's a 20,000 square foot office
building and we put the system at the office because we wanted to have some
control over the power bills as well and we really had no idea was gonna be that
much of an impact.

Granted it's a much bigger system but for us to be able to
pay for a commercial size system in five years
is massively impressive and what a savings. We were so impressed with not
only the first system we put up on the roof, but the one we put on the office
and I asked John is there another system I can buy for my house and he said we
can do a hot water system. It's a no-brainer to me I think any
successful business person is a long-term thinker and when you think
long-term it impacts your decisions so if you can find out that you can get a
system on your house that pays for itself and you know 7 to 10 years and
everything after that is free, that's a no-brainer We had the generator and the solar system had a conflict and we had a power outage and you know John just from Cape Fear Solar
Systems just stepped up and took care of the problem like no one else and that
impressed me immensely and of course we bought two more
systems after that time period too so.

Cape Fear Solar Systems had to work
with the generator company yeah and they worked wonderfully
together. John bent over backwards to make sure that the two of them worked
together. Nobody wants to take personal responsibility, so when you find someone
who does it's immensely powerful and it doesn't matter that some people will
tell you that they've got great service, what matters is them delivering on that
and Cape Fear Solar does a phenomenal job on that..

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