WE GOT A TESLA SOLAR ROOF : First impressions and what you need to know!

The Tesla solar roof. It's real, it's wonderful, and it's on my house, in fact, as far as I can tell, I'm one of the first people in the world to have a Tesla solar roof version three installed on my home. And in this video, I'll explain how the cost of the solar roof compared to opting for a conventional roof plus Tesla solar panels, discuss the ordering and installation process, and examine details of the final product. Also, if you stick around till the end, you get to see a clip of me crashing my drone while filming this video. When the Tesla solar roof was announced in October 2016, it seemed like a revolutionary product, but three years later it was beginning to seem like vaporware until, in October of 2009, Tesla announced version three of the solar roof, now dubbed Solar Glass, and promised that installations would finally begin in the coming weeks. It just so happened that a few months prior, my wife and I had tried to get Tesla solar panels installed only to discover that our roof was to quote, a local roofing company, "very poorly installed by someone who is most definitely not a roofer" and that our roof was almost certainly their "first attempt at roofing".

Yikes. So the prospect of upgrading to a brand new solar glass roof was obviously attractive. But first, we had to compare the cost against our conventional composite roof, plus a roughly equivalent Tesla solar panel array. Estimates for a composite tile roof ranged from nine to twelve thousand dollars. Meanwhile, Tesla estimated that because of our homes layout and shade considerations, we would need a nine point zero nine kilowatt solar glass system to replace our current electrical bill and leave some room for our energy needs to grow. Our quote from Tesla was four thirty three thousand seven hundred and forty nine dollars after rebates. If we estimate that an equivalently sized solar panel installation would cost about eighteen thousand seven hundred dollars, the price premium for a solar glass roof came out to approximately three thousand dollars, a price that we found reasonable given the enhanced aesthetics of solar glass and how much value it might add to our home. On January 6th, installation finally began. The process took a total of seven days, including the removal of our old roof, installation of the tiles, replacement of all vents, pipes and flashings, and electrical wiring and hardware hookups.

Our roof is made up almost entirely of solar capable tiles, with some dummy non-solar tiles cut to fit around the vents and pipes and along the edge of the roof. The entire roof is raised about an inch and a half off the living space for wiring and allowing for ventilation. The power from the tiles goes through these two conduits into our attic and then a conjoined conduit runs out the side of our home and into this DC inverter. From there it passes through two shut off switches before plugging into our 200 amp electrical box. Unfortunately, at this time, we are still waiting for final approval to turn on the system. But it should happen shortly and I will post a brief update video when we finally get permission to operate. For now, we are very happy with the solar glass.

It's beautiful. It's durable. It's guaranteed for 25 years, and when fully operational, it will completely zero out our electrical bill. If you have any questions about the roof or our experience, please don't hesitate to ask them in the comments section below. Also, if you place an order for a solar installation with our referral code, we both get a 250 dollar reward. And if you decide to purchase a model 3 or a model X or something, we both earn a thousand miles of free supercharging plus a chance to win a Model Y or a Tesla Roadster. Thanks so much for watching. And as promised, here's that video of me crashing my drone.

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