Video file: NASA InSight Solar Array Deployment Test

Okay, the reason we're sending
InSight to Mars is to measure the structure and composition
of its deep interior and use that information to better
understand how planets form–including the Earth. One of the things we're gonna
be doing this afternoon is installing the name chip on
the spacecraft so this is the chip that has been engraved
with 1.6 million names and it's gonna to be going to Mars
with the other chip that we installed two years ago that
had 800,000 names for a total of 2.4 million names that are
going to Mars.

We just deployed the landed
solar array and did an illumination test on it so we
ran the same sequence that we're gonna to land on Mars to
open up the landed solar array and shine these really bright
lights on it to make sure that they can generate power. As the test was going on, I
was pretty confident that it was gonna work so, this is the
fourth time that we've actually run this test and so
it was really exciting to see everything work and to watch
telemetry and to make sure everything matched what was
happening mechanically.

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