UnBoxing Goal Zero Yeti 400 and Nomad 20 Solar Panel [Summer 2015-4]

good morning Ben and Rebecca here which isn't hers Alaska and it's another little known fact that we have a junkie in our family and Rebecca's the tech junkie every time we get a new technical gadget she kind of disappears in some cave or bender playing with the technical gadget and we have some big trips coming up and a lot of our normal trips even require additional sources of power and we don't like to run the generator especially just to charge a computer so on a recent trip to Costco we found the gold zero Yeti 400 we have yet to open it and it's an inverter and battery built into one and comes with a accessories like everything does in this world this is a C 20 watt solar charger and a tri-folds really neat and also you can plug this directly into your cell phone so we thought that was pretty awesome especially because this inverter here also has a battery so you can get what's a singer it's heavy by the way things that can charge all right too much Simon Trent tech devices has ruined our eyes Yeti for Henry 100 plus hours of light 12-volt light 30 plus charges of your smart phone five charges of your laptop three hours of your TV and seven hours of a mini-fridge possibly ok then you charge it it says a full charge takes 20 hours from a full Sun and five hours from a wall outlet and then 13 hours from the 12-volt carport which I just ordered on Amazon right now and it was seven dollars and 87 cents prime shipping yeah and there was a yet another solar panel option but it was not a trifold like this so once you this was really neat kind of folds up like a wallet but the other one was maybe 24 inches by 24 inches and had to be fixed against the wall now we're no stranger to using those command hooks and we probably could have placed those on the outside of the motorhome and just hung the solar panel but in a Motorhome spaces of the essence we actually get a really long cord too and just I do have an idea it might fit up where we took that old 1:10 TV out we'll just get another basket and work around this they're doing a road show right now so they're going to spend one week in each Costco right more than one distributor around the country yeah the solar panel was 139 I believe so but we just looked this is four hundred and twenty-five dollars on Amazon and we got it for 350 at Costco so it is a good deal there and primarily we love the coastal warranty I really wish we could be sponsored by Costco we spend enough money there but yeah we're big down so their warranty because so many things are disposable nowadays if you uh you know say your microwave brings three years later a Costco or from Costco all you do is just take it in and they give you a store card and you go I got another microwave so it's kind of buy an appliance once and forget it but you can plug things just into the solar panels and so it has a USB output it has a solar port so it can be plugged into one day we'll have a fancy so that's for power and then this is a solar port for charging and then this is a Solar Porter's so we're not plug in your cell phone I don't know it says here for best results used with a goal zero three charger no no charge of the but obviously there's no Sun inside the motor you know maybe even just put your Chargers and designs in the USA made in okay here's the charging for this yetis every good game how about trending in right now and we just got home from a trip so we are on some shore power right now can't really see it too well but you have the input which is where your power source comes in and this is all new to us we literally are just opening this box aside from the lady at the store telling me a few things about it I really don't know oh I just powered up and it has it just keeps going up okay well it's charging right now uh then she said the inverter okay so AC output five watts well let's read my phone just for the heck of it she said it came with a charge too right yeah it had like 40 to 60 percent charge which is what's showing okay take it out of here because on power there some words I got turn the usb on okay so the phone is charging that's good and so it has to 110 plug ins 2 USB ports yeah those are accessory ports something with this court maybe that's where the solar panel closing I wonder if you could be charging with multiple yeah I don't we'll figure it out over time yeah this is just the unboxing and preview she did say if we are not using the AC to turn it off because the inverter wears down the power converting from 12 volt to the AC power just really runs down the battery so you have to hit the one that you are using so you can choose I'm using the AC the USB or the 12 volt and you can even turn 2 or 3 on at a time let's see if it charges the laptop oh there it is okay so the light by the power cord is on or I can't pick it up on the camera but we are charging my computer this is great last summer we spent 70 days in the motor home and we both work from home so having to turn the generator on computers with the computers every time they needed to be charged you're turning on your generator it's what's gonna save fuel too because we rarely run the generator so you cook in the microwave because we try not to cook in the microwave so this will cut down the amount of time we run the generator which saves money and plus we'll be able to be on the road and I know you theoretically could run your generator while driving but I think the amount of road dust that you'd pick up would really plug up your air filter now it's just a thought it could be true or false so all right let's see if it fits up here here we are at the front of the motor home and this is where we want to put our Yeti it's a very convenient spot we have the 12-volt cigarette lighter back here but there used to be an old-fashioned two television that only ran on 1/10 sitting here it was you know obsolete it's a dinosaur so we decided to take it out and we had well TVD combos one in the living room and one in the bedroom but since this is a 1999 motor home we are still doing with the relic of a two television so please like a basket in there and it's a catch-all for every bit of junk you could think of post-it notes um let's see here so yeah it's a pretty ugly compartment one day we are going to probably put some nice pretty something in there to make it look nicer but I think we tend to be more concerned about function instead of practicality or at least I am or function and appearance sorry so yeah it's gonna have to go right here on this side okay so the old baskets not gonna work anymore and we'll have to get a new one but this is a nice little use of space okay good and there's a 12-volt right there and we ever need to run power cords I've been thinking about getting a power cord and running directly from the batteries to here and I could run that wire right up through here and the doghouse seal and nobody'd ever not any different I wonder if it would charge quicker using the battery or like the alternator charging up the batteries and this being in line with that no I have one question is that bottom piece so that put a three-prong in on the 110 employees yeah yeah okay yep so like the computer had a three-prong surrounding okay so I can do both and say if you wanted to you can parallel these things like those small suitcase generators there's a little port right here so use parallel em up and it turns into a Yeti 800 I think 400 will do this just fine and yeah so this was just the unboxing and preview and then as we put it to use well yeah do another video you can find these on Amazon it was for 25 and if you have a Costco nearby you they are doing like a traveling Roadshow so you I go on to the Gold 0 Yeti website and find out what coughs pose they're gonna be up but is three hundred and fifty dollars at Costco so yeah that's about it got our solar panel and we'll put that to the test as well thanks for watching and if you enjoy our Channel please 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