Troubleshooting your solar system (SolarEdge)

(techno music) – So it looks like your
solar energy system isn't communicating. That can be frustrating. In this video, we'll show
you how to troubleshoot your SolarEdge solar energy system. First, we'll make sure
your outdoor devices are activated properly. Second, we'll troubleshoot
the gateway device. Third, we'll make sure
your internet router is working properly. If your solar energy
system uses an inverter other than SolarEdge, we should have another video for you on our channel. With all that said, let's get to it. Step one. Find your AC disconnect. It'll look like this. The lever on the side should be pulled up. If it's not, take care of that now. Step two. Look for your home's breaker box. It'll be outside near the AC
disconnect or inside your home in a place like the garage
or the utility room. Make sure the breakers labeled "solar" are switched to the on position. Step three. Make sure your inverter is turned on. You do that by making
sure this circular switch is flipped to the on position. Then, there will be a little
red switch hidden here.

Make sure it's flipped
to the one position. When they're both flipped on,
the screen should light up. Use the hidden green toggle
switch to scroll through the different screens until
you see the screen with "S_OK" on display. Still with us? You're doing great. The next step is to check on the gateway. This is the little white
device that connects your solar panel system to the internet. It should be inside your home
near the internet router. On the side of your gateway you'll notice a row of tiny LED lights. Check out the top one. This little green light
is called the S_OK light and it indicates whether or
not your solar panel system is connected to the internet. If the link light isn't blinking
at least every five seconds it's not communicating with the inverter. Time to get it back online. Follow these steps and you should be fine. Unplug the gateway from the outlet and disconnect the ethernet cable. Unscrew the antenna from the gateway. Plug the gateway into
a power source as close to the inverter as possible.

Preferably within line of sight. Hold down the red
configuration button until all five lights are illuminated in solid, then let go. All five lights should blink
for at least 15 seconds, but no longer than three minutes. On rare occasions, it can
take up to five minutes. After the blinking stops, all
five lights should extinguish. At this point, the link light should blink every five seconds. This means the gateway is communicating with the inverter again. Unplug the gateway and
go back to the outlet where it was plugged in originally. Plug in the ethernet cable. Then plug the gateway
back into the wall outlet. Make sure it's in a wall
outlet and not a power strip.

It should remain paired
with your inverter. Still having issues? Try this one. Check the top light. It should be solid green. If not, follow these steps. Make sure the ethernet
cable is plugged in tight. It should click when it's
plugged in all the way. Make sure it's plugged in tight on both the gateway and the internet router. Is your internet router working? Your router should be illuminated with lights if working properly. If it's not working, unplug the
power cable from the router, wait 30 seconds, then plug it back in. After a minute, lights should illuminate. If the internet router
is working properly, the ethernet cable is secure on both ends, and you're still not getting a signal, your internet service provider might be blocking the gateway. Give your internet
service provider a call. If this still doesn't work, call one of our support specialists. They'll schedule a service
appointment for you..

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