Top 10: Best Solar Backpacks of 2019 / New Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack, Waterproof, Travel Backpack

hello i am stefan from sunny bag and
this is the new sunny bag explorer + solar backpack the sunny bag explorer +
offers a volume of 15 liters on the inside you'll find practical
compartments for pens or business cards the other side offers a padded
compartment for laptops and tablets the side pockets provide enough space for
drinking bottles or umbrellas and this small compartment can be used for
sunglasses every sunny bag Explorer + solar panel is certified that means that
we check every panel before it is shipped we promise an output power of 6
watts and each certificate guarantees that every panel has at least 6 watts of
power when it's shipped to explain the solar charging function I'll take the
panel off the backpack by removing the panel you have endless possibilities of
using it individually like taking it along to the beach and charging your
smartphone while using the backpack separately the surface of the solar panel delivers
six watts of power on the back side there's a transparent app for storing
and charging smart phones with a USB cable the USB output includes a control
lamp this indicates that the panel is generating electricity from the ambient
light we got here in the studio of course you could also plug in a power
bank to store the solar power during the day and charge your devices in the
evening additionally we recommend our optional sunny bag power bags have fun
with the Explorer plus backpack when you're on a side the last thing you
can worry about as a power supply you have a decide to me standard to uphold
the header price packer series is rugged backpack with lightweight solar
technology that allows you to charge any USB enabled device including canvas and
smart with a classic design in the storage this charging Bosch Mac
powers you to go that extra mile to gauge your shop

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