This thing is INSANE!!! – Jackery Power Station

– It's not very often
that I get to open up something this balls-to-the-wall insane. This video is sponsored by Jackery, and this right here is the Explorer 1000. It's a battery bank, but it is like no other battery bank that you have ever seen. It's got USBs up the yin yang. It's got full-sized AC power
ports. It's got USB Type-C. It can deliver up to
1,000 watts sustained, and it can even peek at
apparently 2,000 watts. And this puppy will even run
crazy things, crazy things, like an electric grill for, they say, up to 50 minutes, I believe is the rating.

That is freaking nuts. So,
let's have a look at it. I mean, this thing is basically just pure, unadulterated, rugged battery. It's got rubberized feet
on the bottom down here. You've got the full, oh, wow, you've got the full readout here. It supports Qualcomm Quick Charge. It's rated to charge from the
wall in about seven hours, and then about double that
depending whether you're using the car charger that's sold separately, or the solar power adapter,
which is also sold separately, and weather dependent. Up here on the back you've got, well, not a whole lot of much of anything. Over on this side we've
got, ooh, look at that.

Hello. We've got a little
lantern on the side. Some ventilation holes. Over on this side, more ventilation holes. That makes sense, given
that there is a whole freaking mess-load of battery in here. And over here, we've got a couple of
different options for input. So, there's your wall adapter. There's how you would probably
plug in the solar adapter. I would assume that. It's got an LCD display, so
that'll give you some key stats. It looks like we've got about
28% battery left on this one. Did we pre-charge this
one or the other one? I guess not. So, we're pulling
it right out of the box. It is normal for batteries
in a device like this to come not pre-charged, because that actually helps them last longer in the longterm.

And then, it can output
basically anything you want. Type-C, you've got a
couple couple of those. Two regular Type-As, You've got one of those car 12 volt ones. That can do up to 10 amps. And these puppies right here are what I am really interested in. These are apparently pure
sine wave 120 volt outputs, which means you could power basically anything you want off of this. So, naturally, to find out if that's true, I have got myself, ah yes, there it is, Jono, if you please, a gaming PC with a 2080 Ti. That is really going to be
stressing it to the limit. This is actually insane. The last time we ran a PC sorta off grid, we used a generator, but options like this just
didn't exist at the time, and if they had, I mean, it's
pretty freaking compelling, because yes, it's heavy, but I was also hamming it up a little bit.

It's very carryable, if you don't need to do
something as overkill and crazy as an HDR monitor and then a
2080 Ti-equipped gaming rig, like if you're running
something more reasonable, like a laptop, or something like that. We're already pulling 40 watts, and that's just the
backlight on this display. Let's go ahead and fire
up the machine, shall we? Oh wow, you could hear the fans ramp up, but now they're off. I'm sure those are gonna
ramp back up again. 195 watts. Okay. (fans whining) There it goes. Yeah, that's
what I was expecting. I mean, taking the DC
power from the batteries and converting that to
pure sine wave AC power, you need a little bit of cooling for that. I have faith. I have faith,
though, in the engineering. Apparently the company was founded by an ex-Apple engineer who left in 2012, so they've been clearly at work
on this for quite some time. 240 watts. We could start with
just browsing the internet.

You know, go to exciting
websites like "The ABC's of Gaming". Get it, or your kids will suck at games. Oh yeah, the Shortcircuit long sleeves, if you're a lanky boy or a lanky lady, with the very long sleeves, those are in stock now as well for, well, until we run out of them, basically. Of course, that's not that impressive. I told you guys this thing
could handle 1,000 watts. That's only like 200 watts. We're web browsing here.
We gotta step it up. This is a Ryzen 9 3900XT and a 2080 Ti, and we're gonna fire up a game. What do you guys wanna see? Should we start with
something light? CS: GO? This monitor alone can suck
back like well over 100 watts when it's working hard in HDR mode. CS: GO's not an HDR-compatible game, but just something for you guys to know, as we keep going here. There's nothing about
this gaming experience that is any different
from what I would expect if I was just plugged into the wall.

And we're not faking it, guys. There's our power cord.
There's the whole cord. Whole cord going to the wall. Whole cord going to the power
adapter for the monitor. I mean, I know you guys
trust me implicitly anyway, but there it is, that's
all the power cords. It's all coming out of the Jackery. Let's play some video games. 330 watts. This is ridiculous. I could have two of
these plugged in, Jono. It's at 26% now. – [Jono] Wow. That's pretty good. – Yeah, well, we're not sucking
back the whole 1,000 watts. I was actually, I was kind of expecting
this to pull more power. You might have to bring
me more stuff, Jono. I'm gonna need more stuff, Jono. – [Brandon] Bring a light. – Yeah, it's dark, Jono.
I'm feeling dark and cold. Man, you guys are gonna get so much use out of this for on-location stuff. – [Brandon] I know,
and we have two of 'em. It's pretty awesome. – That is frickin' sick.

Thanks, Jono. I gotta gun down some more
terrorists real quick here. One sec. 24% still. How many rounds
have I played now? Four, five? It's like 1% per round. I could probably game on a
desktop for longer on this than you could typically game on, like, a gaming laptop away from the wall. And no performance compromises. There's no power saving
mode. Nothing like that. We are just, we're going here, boys. How many watts is this puppy? – [Brandon] 120.

– 120 watts? Oh, well, boys,
we ain't done yet then. What else can we plug in? Can I have like maybe a gaming laptop? Or wait, I've only got so
many plugs on this thing. – [Brandon] Can you get
me a cube tap as well? – Yeah, a cube tap would be good. Okay, we're, ah! What are we at? 520 watts. We're still going, boys. I'm actually gonna fire up
hopefully an HDR game as well. Thanks Jono. This is ridiculous. I'm gonna play some
Doom Eternal on battery. Hello, Acer. There it goes. 1920 by 1080? That's pleb stuff. Where's my 4K option? Oh, is this only a 1080? Oh,
this is 360 hertz, right? – [Jono] Mm-hmm. – Oh, I thought this
was a different monitor. Sorry guys, I was mistaken. This is not the monitor I thought it was. It is HDR, but it's not
the super power hungry one that I expected it to be.

Let's go Ultra Violence. Continue game. Let's go ahead and… In the time that I was getting the benchmarking set up on this laptop, we actually ran out of battery, cause I had the game running, so we grabbed our other
unit, which started with 41%, and we're gonna see how
hard we can push it here. You guys ready? I'm firing my laser. Ah! We're at 516 watts. I'm firing up the level here. We're at 740 watts. I'm firing up Cinebench. We're at 830 watts. Let's play some games. Let's play some Doom Eternal. 3900XT. We've got 12 cores
running on battery here, ladies and gentlemen. We're running at 270 fps, 300 fps, 280 fps, on battery. – [Jono] And running Cinebench. How's your Cinebench running? – Oh, it's done. Hold
on, let's hit it again. Hit it again. We gotta draw more power. 37%. We're up to 850 watts. This is it. I don't have more power, Jono.

The power level, it's over 9,000. If this looks pretty good to you, and you could see yourself using it, or maybe someone else,
as a Christmas gift, they're gonna have a promo running from December 7th to December 13th, with 10% off either
the Solar Generator 240 or Solar Generator 1000. We're gonna have the links down below. Gotta play more video
games now. See you later. Don't forget to subscribe to Shortcircuit. What are we at? 32% still. This is ridiculous. Remember, though, this a
second unit, but still, I've been playing on this
for more than 10 minutes, and we lost like 8%. – [Jono] Your Cinebench is over. – I'm sorry.
– Your Cinebench is over.

– Oh, my Cinebench is done.
We gotta do more Cinebench..

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