These Rollable Solar Panels Create Off-Grid Power Plant In 2 Minutes

This is the Rapid Roll
Solar Patented Technology that is used for efficient,
off-grid portable power. This innovative technology
can create a high-capacity solar power plant with a
rollable tow-out solar field that can be deployed
in just two minutes! This commercial-scale solar technology was developed by solar company Renovagen based in Milton Keynes in the UK. Renovagen’s efficient invention is
a flexible, rollable solar PV array that is a single piece “mat” with built-in structural support that’s entrenched in power-transmission cabling. This mat is permanently wired into Renovagen’s spooling mechanism, so all that needs to be done
for deployment is to unroll it and switch
it on! Given that all of its mechanisms are all permanently built into the system, no cable connections are needed on-site.

There are many pros of the
Rapid Roll system when compared to conventional
rigid-panel systems. It provides 10x the
power capacity due to the large surface area
it stores on the roll. Only two people are needed
for the smaller versions, which can be installed by hand, however, the fastest and easiest way to install a Rapid Roll
solar field is by vehicle tow. The entire system can
be up and running within a few minutes,
instead of many hours. Solar engineers onsite aren’t needed as the Rapid Roller has an innovative modular,
resilient electrical architecture, which optimizes the performance of every solar panel. This helps with light conditions
due to slope and shading that may occur
during installation. This solar technology is
available in the Rapid Roll “T” trailer-scale solar power system, which is up to 16 kW, as well as the
Fast Fold Solar Mats, which operate in conjunction
with the Fast Fold Energy Hub. The Rapid Roll offers a very transportable solution, which can be airlifted by an array of medium and heavy-lift helicopters.

Another simple solution
is being mounted on an on-road or off-road
trailer or flat-bed truck. The Fast Fold Solar Mats can be installed directly on the ground, or lifted onto shipping containers, roofs, or other structures. These solar panels can
last for up to a decade. That's all for today and
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