The Truth About Replacing or Repairing a Roof After Installing Solar Panels

– Hello, everyone, my name is Charles Fox. – And I'm Warren Miller. – And in this video, we're gonna talk about replacing your roof if you already have solar on it. (upbeat music) – But let's assume, Charles, that somebody has in fact
already installed solar. It's been there for years,
it's working for them, it's great, and now their
roof is at the end of the life and it needs to be replaced. What's the process and what's the cost? – It's a pretty painless solution.

It's gonna require us to come up on there, physically remove the panels. It's gonna be coordinated
with your roofer; they're gonna have to
install the new roof, and we're gonna come back
and put the same panels back on your roof, on your new roof. It's typically primarily
a labor component. If we can use most of the parts, there'll be very limited
costs on additional parts. And it's a fairly simple process. It may take a day, a half a day to take the panels off a typical home, and it may take a day to put them back on after your roof is replaced. – One thing to consider though, Charles, is that from the moment we come out there and turn off your solar
system and the work begins until the moment we come back
out and turn it back on again is, you're gonna be paying for electricity from your utility company and not benefiting from the
production of the solar. – Yeah. As far as the cost,
it's really hard to say; it depends on the size of your system. So we'd be glad to give you an estimate.

If you have a roof that
needs to be replaced with solar panels that are already there, give us a call, we'll
give you an estimate, and we can definitely guide
you through that process. Last of all is, we get asked
this question a lot is, "If I have panels up there, "does it actually protect my roof "and actually give it a longer lifespan?" – Yeah, so, it does protect
your roof from the elements, and so, where the solar is sitting, it protects it from the elements, and so it does allow
that portion of the roof to last longer.

And so if you have panels
covering your entire roof, you might have some even wear on the roof. However, if you have it just on one side, you might anticipate that the
side that has solar panels will outlast the side that does not. – Yeah. But, by and large, I don't know that you're gonna gain a whole lot. You're not gonna get a lot of extra years by putting solar up there and getting a lot longer
useful life out of your roof. – No. If your goal is to get a longer roof life, solar is not the way to do it. You should be putting up solar for the great investment
reasons that you wanna go solar. – Thank you so much for
watching this video, and we hope that you found
it very helpful and useful..

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