The BIGGEST Concentrated Solar Plant in the World is in Africa I Morocco

Africa and in particular, North Africa has
tremendous potential for solar generation. Imagine a solar plant the size of 3500 football
pitches.. Well this is not fiction, it is reality. This is Morocco, the home of the largest concentrated
solar plant in the World, the Noor Solar Power Station The solar plant sits on over 6000 acres of
land near the town of Ouarzazate. The project was developed in four phases. Three phases with a capacity of 510 mW are
complete and already functional. The fourth phase with
a capacity of 70 mW is in development and it will bring up the total capacity to 580
mW. This will be enough to supply clean energy
to about 6% of the country. The Noor plant will not be entirely a
concentrated solar power plant.

The first 3 phases are concentrated and the
fourth phase which is under development will use photovoltaic solar panels. So how does Concentrated Solar Power Plant
produce energy? Let’s hear it from an expert. Morocco has an ambitious plan to have 52%
of its energy needs from renewable sources by 2030. The Noor plant is a giant step towards achieving
that goal. It is important for other African countries
to observe, take notes and be inspired..

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