The Best Solar Charger Power Bank Review 2019!

what is going on guys today I am so
excited to show you what I believe is honestly the best twenty thousand
milliamp solar power bank currently on the market anywhere and I'm gonna tell
you why I think that's the case in just a minute but before we do that I just
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let's jump in to the review so if you guys have been around my channel at all
for even a little bit you're gonna know that I love to review solar power banks
now power banks are one of my favorite pieces of tech strangely enough I have
to say it I'm one of those power obsessed people always trying to make
sure that my phone and my devices are just fully topped off you know I know
don't get into the arguments about battery life and recharge cycles and all
that kind of stuff I understand but I love power banks I've got them stashed
in my office and around my house like a squirrel and I love doing it and one of
the brands that I like the most is a company called blabber and I've done
some reviews for their stuff in the past and I'll put a link down in the comments
section so you can check out all of my blabber blabber reviews I should say and
so with that said I want to say thank you to blabber for sending me their most
up-to-date latest and greatest solar power bank to do this review and I want
to assure my viewers that this is non biased I'm not going to give this a
positive or a negative review because no one's paying me to do so this is exactly
how I experienced it in my exact thoughts about this power bank pro and
con so with that out of the way let's talk about some of the details about
this guy right here so if you're watching this video you probably came in
because you're looking for a solar power bank or you're curious about them and
you may have seen the title where I say this is probably the best solar power
bank on the market and that may sound click baby but I'm perfectly 100% honest
with you when I say I think that this guy literally might take the cake as one
of the most value packed devices as far as the solar power banks you're gonna
find on the market right now I've seen nothing else that kind of compares to it
as far as what I like to call feature per dollar or FPD is it's kind of a
rating that I made up myself I don't even know if that's a real thing but
anyway a feature per dollar this guy comes in top notch and so let me list
some of the major features that this guy has
built in this guy's got a solar panel obviously right that's one of the
biggest draws of this it's got a three hundred milli amp our solar panel what
that means is that for every hour in the Sun you're gonna get 300 milliamps of
battery power put on to this power bank so it does charge slowly right that is
not going to be your main source of charging but if you're an emergency
situation you're camping or backpacking you want to just kind of harvest some
sunlight to put on here so you can charge up a device you know a cell phone
or a music player this is going to be a great option and it's an amazing feature
and it's one of the main focuses and why I love this power bank so some of the
other stuff that it's got built-in it's got a compass built-in right so this is
gonna be tailoring this towards you outdoorsy types of people you campers
you backpackers people that maybe you want to have be an emergency
preparedness kits it's got that built in here on the side it's got a built in
flashlight which is awesome you push and hold down on the power button and it
turns on this super bright LED flashlight clicking it through its
different modes you got a flashing mode you've got an SOS mode and so you've got
a lot of different options as far as that goes so built-in flashlight as well
it's super heavy-duty super rugged ice so it's got rubberized heavy-duty
rubberized corners in the full outside as a rubberized jacket so it's gonna be
durable it's going to be kind of drop resistant things like that
you've got qi wireless charging built in now for me when it comes to wireless
power banks nowadays I am honestly one of these snobby people who will not buy
a power bank unless it has qi wireless charging my phone has wireless charging
I want wireless charging on my device and it comes with it out of the box so
talking a little bit more about the qi wireless charging because it's so
important to me and it might be one of the reasons why you guys are here this
guy can charge anything that is five watt 7.5 watt or 10 watt fast charging
so my galaxy s 9 plus when I put it on here to charge my device you'll see that
it says wireless fast charging so it's got fast wireless charging built into
this guy which makes it really versatile so depending on regardless of what type
of phone you have if you've got Qi wireless charging enabled device you're
good to go on top of that you've got two USB ports you've got a quick charge 3.0
port as well as a standard USB port you've got a micro USB port and a USB C
port for charging this device itself however if you've got a
dual USB C cable so USB C to USB C you can actually use the USBC cable in here
to charge your device as well so if you don't have that and you've got three
different devices you can charge one on the Qi charger and two via USB which is
awesome so you can charge three devices simultaneously making this thing super
powerful if you've got friends you're out on a trip with multiple people and
everybody needs a charge this guy's got you covered so I've done a lot of
reviews on solar power banks right I know them inside and out and know which
ones I like and which ones I don't like and there's there's a lot of stuff out
there there's a lot of stuff online there's a lot of stuff on Amazon if
you're searching for one but honestly when it comes down to just just all of
the features of this device you know for the amount that you're gonna pay which
at the time of making this video is right around 50 bucks
for a twenty thousand milliamp battery with solar 50 bucks is a good deal if
you didn't have solar and you had a twenty thousand milliamp battery with Qi
charging that'd be a pretty sweet deal but the fact that you pay 50 bucks
roughly at the time of making this video I got to make sure I say that 50 dollars
you've got a solar panel that's gonna help you get emergency power or just you
know just a slow trickle of power back onto the battery you've got qi wireless
charging that is quick charging capable you've got you can charge three
different devices you've got a you've got a flashlight in here with SOS mode
flash mode and just a really bright flashlight you got a compass that's
built into the device right throw that in there as well and honestly I I'm I
would be hard-pressed to find a power bank that's got a better deal right
you're gonna get the best bang for your buck off this guy here and the fact that
it comes from a quality company that I've used so far and then ever the
reviews if you go online and check out the reviews on the blabber products
you're gonna see they have a really good reputation and so all of that combined
that's why I think this is probably the best twenty thousand milliamp solar
powered Qi enabled battery pack that you could possibly buy right now this on the
market right now this is number one in my opinion
so as usual guys I put a link down in the description below if you have any
questions comments concerns you want to know more details you want to know some
more legit you know some actual facts and stuff like that Mike and I can break
it all down for you let no down in the comments below I'd love
to start a conversation with you and if you use even if you're looking for a
power bank like this I'm just curious what are you planning to use it for are
you backpacking camping permit you know disaster preparedness what's your
purpose for looking for a solar power bin because not everybody is looking for
that right it's a very specific type of thing so let me know what you're using
it for down in the comments below again I put a link down in the description
below so you can get right to this one specifically so you can go check it out
on Amazon but other than that guys if you have any other questions please
don't hesitate let me know and if you like this video please consider giving
it a thumbs up so I know that you like it I'll make more videos just like this
but guys that's it for me and I will see you in the next video

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