Testing The Solar Panel To Its Limits (Extreme Test) PLEASE DON’T TRY THIS!

the sun is out and it is a bright day though not as intense as i would love it to be to take this flexible and portable solar panel to its limits we test it under low sunlight put it through water short-circuit it and put it under fire maybe hello people welcome here again if you are new please welcome specially do you know you can enjoy 25 discount on this fit for all purpose solar panel or through this month of july well keep watching this video and i will let you know how you too can benefit it is powered by banggood for think electric africa viewers when the package was first delivered to me i didn't know what to expect until i made the unboxing video and i was literally blown away if you have not seen that video the link is in the description below now it is as if the sun knew what i was about to do and planned against me as we are having sunset right now just after a few minutes knowing fully well the capacity of this panel to perform under low sunlight i went ahead to set it up to charge my traveled agm battery i used in lighting my single room you will be correct if you say i overuse and overdrain my batteries yes and this was way below 12 volt as it started charging it from 6.7 volts and in few minutes charged the battery up to 7.2 volts and in another few minutes charge the top to 8 volts the solar panel has proved itself to be very efficient even under low sunlight that's good it is a flexible solar panel yes but just how much flexible is it i was able to fold it to a sphere shape and when i went further this happened it's good luckily it didn't affect much of the working parts i was still able to get full footage out of it please don't try to do this with your solar panel you might not be as lucky as i am after the scary episode of the panel breaking into two i hooked it up to my light bulb and it shines bright like a diamond i would normally attach this to my 12 volt battery in the night which is usually great for camping and maybe you like hunting you should take the solar panel along with you now let's add some element of risks to these tests i took my cartridge please to deplete the battery by switching on the headlamps and the radio with the aim of charging it up with the solar panel then to run down the battery you know everything you know then i'll be able to use it to charge it up in mind that around this time in nigeria the weather is super stable i think it could be a bright day in one second and turn to cloudy one in another second hey we're already here and we will see this room after about half an hour and i could not start the car again i brought the panel out popped up the hood or if you like the bonnet and mounted it on the screen the suction cups did so well it stuck to the windscreen very tightly like it glued i set up the connections taking note of the polarity that is positive to positive and negative to negative we don't want to go wrong with this now it's time to fly my drone while i wait for the battery to charge up i also want to let you know that we are having a facebook challenge and giveaways from first to 31st of july i will be giving away drones details in the description and please help share these good news around you can win one of these you could really tell i'm not a professional pilot right well it has been a while and i lost track of the time as i was busy flying my drone and learning new tricks but it would have been between one to two hours of charge time and it seems to be ready the weather has been really good and i cannot imagine the efficiency of this portable solar panel i was like oh where have you been all my life oh solar panel thanks to banggood for sending this final to me for a review like many of you have been asking in the last video on what i think the real wattage is obviously i know it will not be able to deliver 250 watts it was rated for so i brought a watt meter to carry out this test i had to disconnect the existing connection to loop the watt meter into the system you know so i put this so i used another battery to see what power the solar panel can produce so because this one is actually it's actually not showing me any load as of now so probably the battery is filled up actually showing me no power moving to 1.2 then going back and off until probably i try to load it showing me right now that the solar panel is bringing about 3 points 3.2 watts or so i could put this to a very very high capacity let me try something else so the very best way to get the highest quality for this solar panel so i want to try and do that and i will be your partner just watching that it might get bad if i do that so i will sacrifice this just forget what what what was the is what happened it got to about 12.5 watts this this solar panel could as well be up to 50 watts i don't know but it's delivering like 12.5 at the point look at that and this is around 10 watts again so let's try and show saku now and see what we get you know oh i couldn't get that steel you can attach your socket in it if if i could get a load so short circuiting is actually shutting down the watt meter the watch meter probably has one such project i also subjected the solar panel through the abduction load with a portable vacuum pump she was able to power this thing under this hot sun delivering 13 13.28 volts and about less than one amp you know wow this is really really awesome this is really awesome this can charge your battery so fast no wonder after running down my my car you know it was able to give me this and charge it up back you know let's do that again can hear that sound that's the pump working there though unable to fire for long though see that we have 17.5 look at that 17.5 volts under the sun let me put the road on it the battery is able to suppress it back to 13.

I wanted to carry out this test under the sun so i know the capacity and this is really nice this is really nice it's really nice i got it i sold to 13 watts the other time so this thing could actually be up to like um let's see between 20 to 50 watts should be able to handle it i'm unable to test it right now but i mean i'm unable to test for its is power output and if you have a way i could do that please send me your suggestion in the comment section below let's go do another test right now before the last test i want to see how the solar panel could charge my phone directly and this was the result so it's still charging right it's charging here though we have little of sunlight we have a little sunlight i want to test it with um chad controller i thought the phone is sucking almost 2.4 watts like 240 watts at the point three point i also use the usb ports on the charge controller the research was the same this solar panel is a top quality and fit for all purpose [Music] what are you wanting from the child controller to this for the last test i was curious to learn how this panel will perform when it rains so i poured a sachet of water on it and more so under a low sunlight needless to say the pannier performed and i had no complaint please make use of this description for 25 percent discount to own one of these amazing portable solar panels so let's go this is i see [Music]

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