Tested: Goal Zero Mobile Solar Panel kit review.

Oh welcome to the outdoor archives took a little while to find this place longer than it should have actually this is actually an old tree i leased a fish the undercut banks here and there's a little sand bar here you could walk right out sometimes and to catch trout right there and actually taught my kids out of fish trout right over here but it seems that the trees fallen it's been probably three or four years since I've been here and now the undercut is lost but I'm sure there's a one heck of a trope sitting in there unfortunately it's not trout season so I can't get them today but we're here to talk about the goal zero Nomad 3.5 solar kit sometimes it goes by the name of the mobile adventure kit and it's something that i've had i've owned personally for over a year so we're going to go through it have a look at it sit down have a cup of coffee and enjoy the show okay so here it is the goal zero Nomad 3.5 solar panel and this is packaged with a battery pack which I'm going to talk a little bit more about and it's called the mobile adventure kit so what you see here is the goal zero folds up into a tiny little package here about six inches approximately by five and a half inches and height is I don't just over an inch probably one and a quarter inch at the tallest part and that's if you have the battery pack er I'm going to talk about all that so what this is designed to do is to get the run on sir unzip and you can either lash it to the back of your back or hang it from a tree or whatever it is you need to do to basically get full sunlight on this guy and this guy is going to help charge your electronic devices now the panel itself will not charge the devices at least not the 3.5 goal zero has some larger panels I have one but I haven't had a lot of time to play with it yet i will be doing a review on it but this one will not charge your devices directly so what they do is they give you a battery pack okay and the idea here is that you use the solar panel whoops gather all dirty okay well good plug into this guy and this guy holds your charge and you charge your devices from here if that's not good enough for you you can buy the next size up and the panel itself will directly charge your devices I do like this idea is open I'll keep getting into that so on the other side of the pack you see here it has a little zippered mesh case and this is what holds all your cords and battery packs and so forth it came with this cable here and I believe it did come with a USB cable but this is this is mine that I brought from home and the idea is you plug in the battery pack here you zip it in and you either lash that to your pack or hang it from a tree basically you want to get as much sunlight as possible and it will charge that pot now that pack will take about let's say I think it was about six to eight hours depending on the Sun full Sun will be closer to six if you're partially cloudy it's pretty cloudy today it's going to take about eight hours but it does work so i don't know if you could see this here now that I turn around it stopped of course you see this is flashing to indicate that there is a charge going on now if I close that see how it stops so it's not charging now soon as it gets light it does charge I like this this idea the reason is a as I'm hiking on the trail I can lash this to my pack and I'll have power almost indefinitely as long as they have some light now today is not very bright at all the Sun is kind of hidden between those clouds and it is still charging as you can see it's going to take some time to do that also you see here has a USB input you can actually charge this from your computer your car whatever so on your way to the trail you can plug this in and it will charge and and you can use it there it does take some time though through USB it does take a little bit longer to charges i think it's another eight hours to do so that's something to be aware of so more about this battery pack so check this out those are double a's in there alright sorry so the reason I like it so much as I have a number of devices that I keep with me on a regular basis that will use double-a and triple-a batteries these batteries are double a you can buy triple A's there's a little bit of a converter that plugs in here and then you're Tripoli's go in there so you can use those two and you can buy extra one so you can have one double A one triple a and these batteries are good for three to five hundred cycles I have had this for a year and charged it many times and it is definitely living up to its its billing so something I highly recommend okay so you'll notice here there's a little bit of a loop here you can hang this in your tent or from a tree or whatever and one thing that I really like as well you can see it here you could turn it off on so it will charge things and then it was flashlight mode so this flashlight here it's decent gives you enough light but it does last over a hundred hours so by charging this you've also got a battery pack and a built-in flashlight if you don't bring an extra this can be your backup or whatever but it's a handy little tool definitely i have used this quite a few times in summary of the goal zero adventurer mobile kit it's a well thought-out effective solution for off-grid power for electronic devices one charge of the battery pack will charge a smartphone or a GoPro and many other devices it can be used to top of tablets but will not fully charged them the batteries can also be removed and used individually and other devices the form factor is excellent and will fit into almost any path it weighs in at about four hundred and nine grams with the power pack and the solar panel outputs 3.5 wats the battery pack is rated at 2,300 milliamp hours the batteries are nickel metal hydride and will last from three to five hundred cycles it includes a self-contained zip compartment for the battery pack an integrated flashlight and loops for lashings free there are two things that I would like to see improved here the charge time is about eight hours it's a little bit too long also please be aware that the panel is water resistant but not waterproof all in all I love the goal zero and we'll continue bringing it on many of my adventures well that about concludes our review of the goal zero as you can see here I took advantage of such a beautiful winter day mild winter day and had a little snooze on the side of the river just staring up at the sky very much enjoyed the day and I hope you enjoyed this review thank you once again for your support thanks for watching and remember to Like comment and subscribe and we'll see you in the next video

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