Test Beban Solar panel dengan super capasitor

Oh yes, good afternoon we will meet again on
the PLTS day channel so in the afternoon I will share yes, namely the
supercapacitor that is already in front of me, namely this supercapacitor and this
supercapacitor which is quite large, micro farad, so this is the supercapacitor
showing 2.70 as much six likes and 100 western yes
Hi, what I have made a box with is a fuse
like this, namely a 150 ampere fuse and has a plus-minus connector
I have made this too so this is like a capacitor 100 initials yes as many as six
so if we convert one para That's the same as one million microfarads, jadine's
chord capacitors are small. Chili Rawit lives in Kali alone , you have one million
micro farads and this one is a large capacitor of 35 vol V
Hi rp150000 micro face, which is 150,000 microfarads, this is the minus
part here, the flash part is finished.

I connect it with a cable yes rinse and plus too So
there are two supercapacitors which I will test ya tu later with solar panels
and inverters so what's the difference between using a supercapacitor and not. Later,
we can see for myself so I will test a heavy load, namely two
water pumps, two water pumps, 300 Hai 50watt and 200watt, what with
this supercapacitor the battery will not be a silent city skirt and without supercapacitors
will blog so we can compare OK [Music]
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Hopefully the
sustenance will be carried out okay, let's go straight to the location of the battery and the solar
panel for testing Supercapacitors are friends, we immediately test, yes,
so the sport capacitor is here, yes, this one and this has a capacity
, we immediately put it in the fire load and the other one is in the inverter, now the
battery shows 13 which is 13 volts, yes, that's like this, yes, 13 volts.
[Music] The battery and I will turn on the pump
so this is the inverter and the current load is 90wat 90wat
j the answer is yes and the weather is a little cloudy why is it 700wat for NTT okay we immediately
test the speed of the pump Yes I will turn it on
[Music] Hi so this does not use supercapacitor AKAP
yes now yes Does it drop a lot or not Later we try to
use supercapacitor Okay we turn it on pump yes Yes friend The pump is running,
yes, it turns out to be 12.6 12.5 yes without a supercapacitor, yes, how much do we
install Gom sitor and the current load is 700wat for both 700Wardah pumps, OK, this
means that the voltage drop that has been the shock load for the supercapacitor will be
installed now we install the supercapacitor yes
Hi, so to see this load drop again or not because before we
install it, it drops around 0.6 chords, okay, we immediately install the supercapacitor
, yes, so we attach the capacitor support to the inverter Yes, like this one is
installed in the inverter, of course At Akiya we tested in our
experiment for face-to-face capacitors Yes, the capacitor commented and this is connected, yes, this is installed ang
voltage 13sport capacitors Ok next we
put that down ya recognized plugged recognized sport capacitor
that is okay directly we put ya So this sport capacitors I put
on this side directly fixed odd cord we Tighten the screws so
particularly attached downside we odors
Oh yes, it's installed yes the capacity is plus-minus Okay we'll close it again
if the heart Oh yes it's installed yes the supercapacitor
yes So I give two of them in Takiya or in this battery the
plus minus goes to the battery Hi and the other one is there In the inverter,
input the inverter Hi OK, then we will test
in Leban again Compa.

Will the volts drop or not? Yes, now it
shows 13 volts yes 13.3 Hello. Now we will test the load again, the
pump Yes I will turn on compact yes the pump is on yes So the drop is
n't too much, hey hi this WhatsApp is strong, hi 720p Hi, it reads 700wat Hi so it's already installed, just drop it yes
0.2 yes it has a decrease in voltage So it reduces only a little, yes, the
shock load. After installing it has a supercapacitor so the voltage decreases
[Music] quite a lot and the battery will not drop but with the load, namely a water pump
or a round shape like a dynamo or a drill and Miscellaneous okay
friends Hi, share it with you Hi, hope it will be useful for
all of your friends, don't Hi, thank you, greetings always healthy, yes

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