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Hey guys, this is Keith Murphy with Rising Sun solar out here in Liberty, Missouri in this beautiful day We're wrapping up a solar install. We got a ground mount system with a Tesla Tesla battery backup So the the reason this homeowner specifically wanted the Tesla battery backup solution is because you can see here They live at the end of a dead-end street. So when this area loses power They're generally one of the last people to get that power restores So that's the battery backup option is going to give them power when the grizz when the grid goes down So what we're going to do is do a quick walkthrough of the solar install as well Take it take a take a peek at the deck the tesla powerwall Let's go So we're out here now at the array location we can see we have a ground mount solar array in the 48 cell fab 320 watt panels facing south ideal setup for Their utility usage and their goals with the Solar offset we Worked up a proposal that 48 panels would offset the majority of their utility usage So that's that's what we have here All black panels you can see it looks it looks really great.

Whether it's a ground mount or a roof mount So we're just wrapping this up. Now. Let's go take a look at the interconnection from the solar array to the to the house So now we're at the Interconnection to the home. We got Tyler Jacque here working on the finishing touches of setting up the disconnects and the wiring You can see the KC PL or ever G meter here This will actually be swapped out once we complete the install with that new Bi-directional net meter that will read usage that is sold back to the grid as well as what is purchased from the utility as it as it currently goes, so Just finishing up the connection to the home here.

Now. Let's go take a look at the tesla powerwall in inside the house So we are in the house now looking in the utility room and This is the tesla powerwall. So tesla powerwall 2 As we talked about this homeowner was very interested in getting a backup solution because they are the the last home on a dead-end street Out in the country. So when this area loses power they are generally out of power longer than everyone else in the area They're the last people to get that power restored So now with the with the solar panel installed and a storage solution They can have an indefinite Electricity as long as the sun is shining they're going to have electricity that they can use to Power their home. So now tesla powerwall 2 we have the Dedicated sub panel here.

These are the circuits that they chose to back back up, which I believe is the entire basement And they also we also have the tesla gateway here. So these are the the major components required for a successful tesla install Tesla battery backup install. We are certified tesla powerwall installers We've done a lot of these we know what we're doing We have electricians on staff that that make this a very very clean install So if you're interested in seeing what this would look like at your home We have great options right now a zero down option where you actually don't have to make a single payment For 12 months after the install is completed So if you're interested in tesla powerwall solar or zero down for 12 months Click the link below and get an estimate.

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