Telematics unit with solar power? The KRONE KSC Solar. | KRONE TV

Today we talk about telematics. I already see some people rolling their eyes. We already had that, tell us something new. That is true! However, so far we have only discussed the telematics at the trailer supplied with power from the tractor unit. Today we talk about telematics for the swap body. This raises the question of how to handle the power supply there? Well actually quite simple. With KRONE KSC Solar! Let us go on top of the swap body and take a closer look. What immediately catches the eye is the compact design and yet the KSC Box achieves the same solar power as its market companions. It is very flat. The system disappears completely into the bead. Okay, the solar panel may not be revolutionary new. But only from the outside! The KRONE masterpiece is on the inside. Deep inside the KRONE KSC Solar rechargeable battery is combined with a so-called supercapacitor. This combination ensures that the battery can be charged even at extreme temperatures of -20 degrees Celsius and up to +60 degrees Celsius.

This gives the battery a service life of up to 8 years. The market companions have to reduce themselves to a temperature range of approximately 0 to max. +40 degrees Celsius when charging the battery. KRONE KSC Solar uses the 4G mobile communication standard and is therefore also future-proof even when the 2G and 3G networks are shut down. It will also soon have Bluetooth interfaces to read external sensors such as temperature and the door opening status. Any updates that are likely to be released will be delivered over the air and since the KSC Solar can also be retrofitted very easily even older carrier systems will now have access to the latest technology. KRONE in Werlte. House number 4.0..

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