Tech Tip: Troubleshooting for Earth Fault or Event 35 (Insulation Resist/ Riso)

hi I'm Sharla Flynn from SMA Australia today I'm going to tell you about an art fault in a PV array and how this fault affects the SMA inverters I'm also going to show you how to check for the art phone if an edge fold happens in a PV array the SMA inverters will detect a fold and will show an error message under the inverter display in new generation inverters you'll see event number 35 followed by the message insulation resistance check generator or are either in classic inverters the error message at fault or ground fault will appear on the display you also notice that the red LED is turned on please note that the following procedure must be performed only by authorized electricians to check for the aired fall shutdown the inverter turn the AC and DC Isolators off and remove the ESS handle take the lid off and then disconnect the DC connectors now turn the DC isolator back on and measure the voltage from the positive pole of the string to earth I know the voltage then measure the voltage from the negative pole of the string to act and not the voltage again ideally to voltage from positive to earth and negative to ad must be zero or rapidly decreasing to zero a stable voltage indicates inert fold on the PV array if there are more than one string in the PV system repeat this test for each individual string please note that earthville can be a sporadic it can be triggered or aggravated by moveable cables or moisture lurking rainy days or early in the mornings when there's still moisture on solar panels and the cables the earth fold on the affected string must be resolved before reconnect and get to the inverter so please make sure that you carefully inspect to complete this inside which includes the solar panels connections and plugs and the cables I'm sheriff lien from SMA Australia and thanks for watching

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