Sun Tracking and mounting of PV sys | 1.6 | Module 1 (Solar system and designing)

Hey my name is Moiz Ahmed and welcome to my course "Solar energy and designing" the objective of our video is

0:00:12.000,0:00:14.000 Mounting of Pv cell and solar panel sun tracking so lets start with mounting of Pv cell as you all know we have seen in our previous video we discuss about designing of Pv system in previous video the most important task is to decide the location from location we locate how to do mounting how to install the system how to manage in sufficient space so that's how mounting is done there are 3 types of mounting according to structure and types 1) Ground mounted 2) roof mounted 3) pole mounted so lets start with ground mounted ground mounted look like this as you see it there is a space between the center it is an advantage during the day time when solar panel absorb heat they become hot they need to be cooled down that is the biggest advantage of ground mounted we can also do flexible positioning we can rotate them according to the sun but there is a disadvantage too easy access the disadvantages are, they can be stolen if any cell is subjected to damage then the efficiency of plate will be disturbed not whole system will disturb only plate frequency will disturb lets say if frequency will stop system will stop working which is another advantage of solar panel system disadvantage is space requirement

because we need large space for installation of this we need large ground

if someone wants to do business there is no choice for home owner as designing a solar panel for himself and buy a ground for that where he can install it i think this is not a better choice economically

inter row shading consideration obviously if we talk about row shading we will discuss further more in our video this concept when sun is at front then one plate let say i should draw this lets say it is a sun lets say and this is a row first row second third row then obviously the shape will look like this when shadow falls on it then sunlight will not effect it this is the disadvantage by this we will get low efficiency it needs sunlight that's why ground has another disadvantage there is another type that is roof mounted it looks like this if we look roof mounted then it is same as ground no extra cost required same flexible position utilizes unused space and low material cost we don't need to install anything extra like we will not use extra ground we use unused space the disadvantage is Since there are different type of roofs of building 1) RC if place that on them there will be a chance of destruction of whole building we required structural engineering for that purpose and the third type is pole mounted It will place on those areas where space requirement is very small public areas actually it will look like this the biggest advantage of this we can change the tilt angle of this through dual axis tracking don't worry we will cover dual axis tracking in this video too the advantage of this iss that by tilt angle it is easily movable due to dual axis tracking we don't need to spend extra money on that small footprint, means the whole system is standing on the pole The pole needs to be rigid and strong
if, for any reason pole is damaged the whole system will fall the whole design will be damaged.

And damage to one cell will decrease the efficiency of whole system So foundation needs to be strong Next disadvantage is easy access due to which theft is easy. Then we have sun tracking Objective is to track sun position so max energy can be obtained there are two ways of sun tracking Single axis tracking and dual axis tracking For this purpose, a device is used called Solar Tracker Inside solar tracker there are photo sensors that detects photons and causes the motor the change its direction accordingly by the use of PIB controller Their advantages are Improved efficiency 15% in summer and 30% in winter There are two types of solar tracking Single and dual axis tracking In single axis tracking it can track one axis at a time.

I have a video for you to show you how is it done This is photocell which commands the motor This is hydraulic joint Now take a look at its working Either they move one way or the other way It simply means they will move in one direction only Thats how they work As mentioned earlier, it tracks the direction of sun and changes the tilt angle according to postition of sun Then we have dual axis tracking It can track our sun in both horizontal and vertical axis I have another Video for you This is how it is moving There is also a hydraulic joint in it. The previous could move in one direction but it can move in both direction You can see it is moving in another direction Disadvantage of solar tracking is its cost. SInce it uses solar sensors and motor which increases its cost but in return improves its efficiency.

In the next video we will be going to cover Parallel and Series Connection of PV module Keep rolling and enjoy my videos and the course. Thank you! .

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