Students Create Zero Carbon Emission Solar Car

a team of engineers in India believe solar power is the future of car design this solar guy is very special because one it runs on zero carbon emission so there's no pollution while you're running this car at the same time the kind of fuel we need is Sun so it is abundant and free of cost a veneer which means future in French is fully solar-powered and can create more energy than it needs allowing it to travel impressive distances even without direct sunlight we have lithium iron phosphate batteries that make the car run as the power bank and the car is driven with BLDC hub motors and even in the absence of Sun the car can go for 150 kilometers that gives it a very decent range and that too at a speed of 85 km/h the impressive speed of range I raided by the lightweight aluminium and carbon fibre construction with the car weighing a mere 210 kilograms the Raj and his team have been working on other biggest solar vehicles our 2012 model was flagged off by President of India it was India's first passenger solokha we've made another car after that that's a five seater car that goes to 120 kilometers allah has an extended battery life of 120 kilometers which again is a zero carbon emission zero carbon footprint vehicle and businessman DJ Rajan his team at the heart set on making commercially available solar cars a reality in India when we started working on the first day the main goal was to make this counter commercial or something and we've been working on it for quite a long time now hopefully in a couple of years with a complete test in R&D of the first prototype we'll come up with the commercial units and that will come out to be close to 15,000 US dollars when the first Indian solar car commercially will be available on the road definitely I look forward to drive it every day

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