[Music] you did good job mama oh you think leon we're charging this is [Music] [Applause] so i'm so excited guys because today when the day is done with we have successfully built a power plant i had no idea that we were ever going to make it here but here we are we're done today and right now we have two of the three strings running and we are killing it on the charge and everything going on the house so we definitely overdid ourselves with three strings but it's a good thing it's a good thing you can't ever have too much power no you light me up to it you left me up to it we gotta do it again [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] hi lee how are you doing buddy you pluck it in for work leon [Music] [Applause] the first step is going to be disconnecting and removing the original 12 solar panels and the rails these original 12 solar panels are going to be reinstalled along with our four new solar panels but the first thing we need to do is switch out the rails [Music] i'm gonna screw these two right here babe i need to go on that side hold the panel up set and slide off all right all right [Music] it's gonna be an arm workout today baby no no [Music] oh too much good job thanks [Music] [Music] lord [Music] thank you so we're doing solar panels and go ahead you've never had an idea and we we look over i've been keeping an eye as you guys know on another one of our u's and she she just had a little lamb so now we're gonna go see how many she's got and there's snow on the ground it's warmed up a lot today but she's probably gonna need to get moved into the barn at some point today yeah she picked a good dry spot underneath the trampoline to have the baby though yeah she did she's he's a big one too he is that's not twins well you don't know that yet she could have more in there we haven't given enough time you think it's a rammer are you he looks like a big ran to me you did a good job mama what do you think leon what do you think leon's not the dad by the way guys so i was wrong two just came out you gotta wait you can't count all your lambs before they had she's by huge too though yeah okay so we have two two more so far oh such a good mama you got lots of new friends leon carter to the rescue with the towel all right let's help mama dry them off erin's gonna go ahead and dry him off real quick how about the uh new mom she's busy yeah she's two of them so get her hands full you do such a good job all right let's uh there's snow on the ground that's like 40 degrees outside it is we're gonna get some more hay let's get some more hay in this area get everybody over into the center and then i say that we just let them be let them hang out for a little while we have more rain coming tonight so we're just going to move them into the barn in a little bit for right now they're fine outside she'd probably she probably enjoys being outside more yeah a girl okay girl we've had three sets of ram and ulam twins this year three sets so far yeah i called that big guy's a boys he's huge [Music] right [Music] good job carter see nursing good job navy's nursing [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] changing plans taking all the rails down making life easier instead of biting it [Music] you got it i'm so excited because we're about three hours away from being able to run electric heat i can't wait it reminds me guys we just started partnering with stereo for live podcast what's cool about this is it's live so we can actually interact with you guys in real time answer your questions and kind of just hang out yeah in our latest podcast we talked about plans for the backside of the house we got a lot of great input from you guys yeah it's neat it's a new way for us to hang out with you since normally it's just in video form so if you missed our first podcast don't worry you can actually just download stereo app and then go to wwg aaron or wwg josh obviously no wwg aaron use my link we're going live again this tuesday at six and also on friday at six we're actually going to be discussing tonight's test which is going to be running electric heat on solar during the night okay good we'll see we'll keep you informed yes we will all all topics are on the table so leave us a comment below let us know what you guys want to talk about any questions you might have and then join us to hang out on tuesday nights stereo dot com slash wwg aaron or www josh more fun okay well we got to finish the project first josh all right it's funny looking back because i still remember what it was like when we first moved out here and it was just raw land we had no running water in that water about seven or eight eight weeks now there was no electricity up here the closest power pole for us was a half mile away which meant that getting grid power up here was going to be expensive and time consuming for us plus it really just wasn't in line with our ultimate dream and goal of being energy independent with our savings and monthly income going directly to our house build we had to wait on purchasing our solar system so it actually wasn't until we were about eight months in before we could buy solar that was my christmas bonus from work that made solar reality and uh it was definitely exciting we have power and aaron can get off my back about that generator and all the gas cost that's what he says but he's the one using the blow dryer for his beard not me it was a huge investment for us but it meant freedom and it also meant that we were actually going to be successful in this goal of being off grid we did have a couple of uh mess-ups there yeah yeah just gotta keep on going yep but the hardest thing about the project was keeping big country up here from while i'm in that mud all day wham gotcha [Music] let's go aaron [Music] let's go aaron [Music] what you guys don't know about josh's he used to be a cheerleader in high school not true we first got here we were our generator power to run the rv sporadically knowing that we were close to having solar power and just not being tied to the grid or being reliant on somebody else was very exciting so we have full-time power now this is a huge milestone for us something that we have dreamed about and worked towards for a really long time now the state can ride all of our ac and everything in the house without a problem part of achieving this goal meant that we had to be okay with gradually building onto the system as time went on [Music] when you're walking on ice but we don't have ice coming down on us yes that's a huge one i'm good with that let's get installed [Music] one two three [Music] what are what are the chances of it like blowing up when you turn it on [Music] it's a huge step towards growing and energy independence even more so than we already were having something we've worked so hard for come to fruition is so empowering it's been a long time coming but today is the day we've finished the job and we finally get to see our hard work pay off who done for day yet [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] it's a pretty sight it is it's done and it's done 100 done i can't believe it left yeah i'll do it from switch yes on program yeah let's go to bed first now [Music] [Music] it's been a week now since we completed the install and life is looking really normal we've already gone through a range of weather from rain and sun to snow and clouds and this system is not letting us down we no longer have to worry about the weather we are running a fully modern home on solar something i don't think either of us thought we would ever actually achieve we are now thanks to our upgraded solar system able to function on a cloudy day as if it was actually a sunny day we now have a total of 32 solar panels 12 385 watt hanwa solar panels and 20 425 watt solar panels giving us a total of 13 100 watts this makes up three strings that go to three mppt 80 charge controllers that then go to our 6800 watt inverter we also have six 48 volt 3.8 kw simplify batteries everything is housed inside of our powerhouse which is behind me right here and just as a side note we did size the wire properly from the solar panels all the way back to this powerhouse to ensure that we would have under a three percent voltage drop so we could not be more excited about how the system is performing so far we actually got it set up like about a week ago so we've been running on it this entire time and we've gone through a huge range of weather from snow to rain to full-on clouds and even fully sunny days yes yeah so as you guys know we are 100 off grid there's not grid tide system we don't have power up here at the house so we are off grid and when we sized all this stuff we wanted to run a fully functional house with well pumped dishwasher uh air conditioning uh heat electric heat everything yeah every typical household would have so as of right now we're running uh two uh mr cool split units um they're both turned on we're heating house right now so we're not using actually using any firewood for the past what four or five days now yeah using electric heat which is fantastic yes and uh well those also run air conditioning in summer by the way the mr cool they do both heat and air conditioning um in general what we have in the house that we can run on this system is a dishwasher um a washing machine um propane dryer a propane dryer the plan for that is and our water heater actually is to have them both tied into an outdoor wood furnace and that's going to provide the heat for those however we're not there on that project that's coming down for now we're temporarily on propane what else we have a microwave a refrigerator all the stains well led lights everywhere just a standard house everybody has in-house we've got it computers electronics we have the tvs in there all that kind of stuff yep um we also can run an electric fence charger on it we have freezers there's a freezer right here in this powerhouse i don't know we're probably missing things but basically your regular typical everyday household that's what ours is like as well yeah so i guess with our original system we had 12 panels and we could write all that stuff then too on the sunny days yes the days where you had a lot of overcast you can still run things um but it's hard to if you run a lot of things it's hard to charge batteries at the same time you're pretty much depleting in a little bit i don't know our thing was is that we would have to be very mindful when when those days came around where we didn't have full sun we had to think about what we were running instead of just kind of mindful pay attention right and instead of just going about our daily life normally which is why we wanted to upgrade especially for winter when we come into a lot of really cloudy overcast days there's more there's more cloudy days than that yes where we're at so and we want to be able to function normally on those cloudy winter days so that's why we upgraded the system and now we can and today's a cloudy day it is it's overcast like it's definitely overcast today so and you see right now we're actually running uh our loads about 2200 watts right now we have two heaters on and i think uh the kids may be watching a movie yes i believe they are they hang out today um and we're charging and we have a lot of a lot of power out there we could use right can you see his face lighting up he's getting really excited let's look at the charging drawers real quick hold on let me grab this as you guys can see um they're each blinking differently that one's blinking really slow that one's blinking a little bit faster and that one's going really fast um the blinking is how much charge is coming off of here going to the inverter to charge the battery so everything's pretty much ramped down because we're actually float right now so the batteries are pretty getting topped off it's actually bringing in what we need so it's enough to run we're using and also trickle charge that battery so if we're looking at our panels right now uh let me see right here where sister is going to float our output on our string one is 180 watts 200 watts it's fluctuating up and down let's go to uh charge controller part two number two go to our meters and that one's bringing in 917 watts 903 watts so now let's go to chart controller three the one that was beeping really fast it shows 2200 watts um keep in mind chart controller one and charging chart three have the same same panels on there they both each have 10 panels this is like the smart technology you could say it knows how much it should pull and can pull when needed it doesn't need to pull all that power in right now because our batteries are charged um let's go ahead and turn a bunch of things on let's watch this number jump up over to four to five thousand watts and then we'll go ahead and back the charge controllers and see what it can produce the charge and everything the power coming in is going to jump up let's see what we can do with our cloudy day so if you guys can see it's an overcast day and i love testing the system when it's like this [Music] so we've all let's turn around the house they're all leds don't draw much we turn everything around the house turn the faucets on real quick so this wealth pump is going to be kicking off you can hear it click in a minute when it gets down the pressure it's almost there this one's going to jump up and once that well pump is running too let's go ahead and put the air compressor and plug that guy in their tail okay and see what we're drawing so we're charging at that point because right now you can see how it's going a little bit faster and so is he but we're still it's not phasing the system at all as of right now so let's watch this thing kick on do you have a click i did okay so now we're at 4 000 watts let's see we got going on here um charcoal one jumped up to 980.

Charlotte controller two jumped to 1700 1800 almost three jumped up to 2600 watts so still it's it's a cloudy day i'm drawing 4 000 watts it's 90 bays in the system because they're not even close to maxed out yet so let's plug something else in can you plug it in here okay can be loud there you go here we go 1500 watts 1600 watts 2300 watts 2400 watts not saving anything we're charging we're using five thousand a cloudy day i love it you know i love it it's awesome i'm starting to get the feeling that the solar system brings you more joy than i do so i'm not sure why it works out that way it always has charge controller one as being the as the lowest man on the totem pole i guess so it charges from charge lower three the most and then goes two and then goes one as i guess as the charge goes up um one's the lowest that's the last guy to go up as high as it can go does that make sense yeah so but keep that in mind charge controller one has 12 panels actually 4.6 kw versus the other ones right so that's actually the biggest string we have so we're not touching this thing we're running on a cloudy day yeah it's amazing and i've never seen this thing hit 000 5500 watts before yeah the first time ever yeah because it shows that we don't run everything like this no so we're we're killing it yeah so we still everything on inside the house we the pump stopped the uh compressor's turned off so we're actually about three thousand watts if you go back you can see everything's around it's starting to ramp back down again 1000 watts so my point is everything's from the ramp back down it knows the the level of the batteries through the battery monitor so it charges as it needs power so as as our load increases in the house it lets the power come in and we pretty much run off the sun and as that load goes back down it steps everything back a little bit and just continues charging that battery so we're never pulling off that battery unless it's dark outside i guess right now yeah that makes sense yeah so so the one area we do need improvement on in our opinion is the batteries right now we have six batteries um our goal is to get to 15 batteries but they're the most expensive part of the solar system yeah so that's something like with this entire system our plan has been to just build onto it as finances allow and that's the last part that we're going to be working on is building up that battery bank as time goes on but right now we're sitting really pretty we're saying good i mean yeah so whatever during the day we don't pull the battery seems like anymore that's what's the great on a nasty day we don't pull the batteries now which is great yeah so at night we've we don't you we don't run much things at night anyways out except we we did i don't want to let the cat out of the bag and spoil it for you guys but we did have our first night of uh running electric heat and we won't tell you what happened but in in our live that's coming up you guys can join and we'll get into all the details on that but yeah lasted all night after weeks and weeks of work on our solar power system we are finally closing this chapter we are less than one month away from spring and there are decks to be built a foundation to be poured and a whole new build to begin you

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