SPI 14: APsystems Microinverter Connects to Two Solar Modules

hi Michael ed gate with ApS microinverters reporting from SPI 2014 what I wanted to do today is highlight a little bit of our roadmap on micro inverters our first flagship product we have is the YC 500 it is a dual micro inverter solution it's got built-in cabling system two trackers and half the touch points it has been very well received by the marketplace we have expanded our distribution networks this year we're number two in the the worldwide marketplace according to greentech media this has been like I said the flagship in the residential market place today we've just announced a new product and it's a four to one configuration and this is the first industry first native 480 micro inverter and so what that means is that you don't have any step-up transformers or step-down transformers hooks natively in a three-phase environment takes modules for modules from 180 watts to 310 watts connects by a ZigBee and we are now shipping that product in the u.s.

marketplace if you have any more questions please come visit us at the EPS booth or visit online at.

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