Solartasche 200W Solar für Wohnmobile Kastenwagen und Camping Autark mit mobiler Solaranlage

hello we would like to introduce you to our new solar Introducing the bag we saw at the on and henrique that they were each other I also bought one to think they were really great just for our purposes yes, almost never during the day are mostly with me on campsites Parking spaces that have electricity, and with us our pockets are closed expensive then we have to look for an alternative looked at which we might want to buy and then came across this bag from the company tokyo that's a chinese company already everywhere from asia to china cheap and personally seen exactly but we have now tested them twice and absolutely satisfied and for our purposes is that would be perfectly sufficient once or twice im using year is enough for you better then a solar bag from the company tokio with the one not with tea like tokyo but tokyo and like salad asha 200 watt and yes me becomes one get a competitive price I can tell you the circle that was 175 euros a charge controller had been there a pwm charger is not so good in switzerland but it is sufficient for the purposes perfect for our purposes accident purpose because for people they really are now you have to test it yourself and that is good for you but how said we usually also have parking spaces or campsites with electricity and we don't need it that often but man can get embarrassed, he has to face absolute emergencies has no electricity and then we are then we finally found something do you want to have the choice of i will now open up then we can see this pretty big k 200 watts there are already several tables below the price now four of them not even from monterrey pornos i think you have to watch three years because they have too placed in the front of the windshield we haven't yet tried it but quickly one out of four years it was still from i will unpack it so that’s now the bag is already spread out Quite a long time and I don't think he's behind the windshield fits but we'll try it out soon then maybe we have to Fold one away so that was just three lying down in the charge controller it still has two sockets so two usb sockets if you don't have one country has electricity and there you can at least put your cell phones directly these boxes have already been made not flawlessly [Music] so we have the windshield and is almost three tafeln bassenheim no 4 yes that is one of the employees would So was not recommend it then better to put it outside much less effort in any case, have bought more information in the collage size rover we write in the infobox below and otherwise it was repeated if you liked the video, we would be happy to give you a thumbs up our wish is unforgotten is free

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