SolarQuotes TV Episode 3 – Karate Vs. Crystalline, Solar Fires, Home Battery Prices And More

[Music] coming up on solar quotes tv the fire hazard that could soon be a thing of the past it's karate versus crystalline in the ultimate panel punishment test our bearded bloggers theory on why home batteries are still frustratingly expensive rage reviews when solar installations go bad plus meet paul a statistician who has done his solar sums all that and slightly more on solar quotes tv hello and welcome to solar quotes tv episode three let's get straight to the solar news you solar nerds really exciting news it looks like something that the industry has been crying out for for years is finally going to happen i'm talking about the proposed changes to australia's solar installation standard as503 no that is not a star wars droid that is the australian and new zealand standard for the installation and safety requirements for photovoltaic arrays and what's been a real bug bear about this standard it has mandated the use of dc rooftop isolators they're a switch and they go on the roof and when you turn them they disconnect the wires to the pv array why was it introduced well a representative of the fieries on the standards committee insisted on it it was a good intention they didn't want to be electrocuted by the pv array when they're on your roof fighting fires unfortunately this baby sitting on your roof exposed to the sun is probably the single biggest cause of solar fires in australia but we have had a number of instances where these fires have um spread to the house for a few years you've had to put one of these heat shields known in the industry as the barbecue plate on top of the isolator it shields the plastic from the harmful rays of the strong aussie sun but it's a band-aid solution nowhere else in the world mandates rooftop isolators even new zealand that we share the standard with crossed that bit out because they thought it was stupid this really is a great example of unintended consequences it's the solar version of a cane toad and we all know how that went i digress so what are we proposing to replace the rooftop isolators with we're going to hopefully replace them with a point of disconnection instead and that's simply a well labeled connector that an electrician will disconnect when it's safe to do so if this draft standard gets adopted it's a win-win-win the fieries are no less safe they can still isolate the array from ground level your solar system is even safer and thirdly it's gonna be a little bit cheaper if you're looking for a quality solar install jump onto our website put in your postcode hit the big red button and get up to three free no obligation quotes from heavily vetted installers you can trust now for this month's field test where it's karate versus crystalline in the ultimate panel punishment test hi all we're here in adelaide with wineco's blair pester and the purpose for today's field test is to discover just how easy is it to damage a solar panel now in theory they should last till almost the rest of my life after all the top panel brands have a product warranty of 25 years plus but blair it's not as simple as that is it it's not a lot of things can go wrong in the installation of solar panels and then the transportation of solar panels even just while it's on the roof anyone who's accessing your roof can stand on it or massive hail storms so today i brought some tools to show you how we can identify what damage is done to a module and that's can be quite hard can't it because a lot of the damage is often invisible to the naked eye absolutely in these panels here look mostly perfect what equipment are we going to use to look for panel damage what we do have is a flir camera which is a thermal camera much like how the predator used this hunt down arnie and we've got some modules over here that we've short-circuited and the purpose of short-circuiting is so that we can shunt all of the power and the module back through the cells that are damaged so three old panels unknown condition true condition will be revealed by the predator camera it sure will let's go and see what's happening on the camera perfect so what we're seeing right now is each of the cells starting to heat up just to be clear blue is cold red is hot okay so on the far right panel what's going on with the far right hand panels it's i'd say it's had a hard life okay should we go and have a closer look at that panel yeah let's do that so this this panel is looking a bit shady now i'd say just looking at this it's got a lot of impact marks so this is what we'd classify as a student mark right there and it's getting quite warm sorry this cell here which looks pretty much perfect for the naked eye is also being shown on the thermal imaging camera to be absolutely buggered all right so we've seen that some of these panels aren't in very good shape yep now let's see what happens after we give them some abuse you filthy panels you suck you'll never pay back your energy debt complete waste of time you're only installed by greenies who are virtue signaling should have gone coal [Music] okay the moment we've all been waiting for blair and i are going to stand on a solar panel and see who does the most damage y'all seems to be holding up a right yeah they are designed to hold just up to two meters of snow good to know in adelaide the next test is the abusey karate kicky one [Music] do you know how strong i am all right ready embracing [Music] you right big fella i'll survive the things i do for sola okay while you're limping around we pick the panels up and put it back on the shelf thank you very much very kind the panels have been well and truly punished and now we're going to see what damage has been done some new fresh damage where it's getting a cellar starting to shunt so i guess this is where you would have been standing on it check out the karate kick look at that i'm proud so one thing we've learned today don't karate kick your solar panels yes bad although i'd say that uh if i'm being honest standing on it was worse than karate kicking if you have a choice karate kicking or standing karate kick to answer the question i started with just how easy is it to damage a solar panel i've got to say you don't have to jump on them you don't have to karate kick them if you don't look after them yes it is quite easy to damage a solar panel so make sure you're using panels from a manufacturer that packages them properly make sure you're using installers that know how to handle them and the other thing we've learned is you can't see the damage always with a naked eye so thanks blair or should i call you annie this is annie and the karate kid signing off the solar quotes tv for more information on panels inverters or any other solar products go to our website and please jump on our social media channels if you ever have a question now i'm really excited it's our world premiere of a brand new segment humans of solar this month we meet paul a running statistician who was a reluctant convert to solar but once he got it and did the numbers he was confident he was out in front hi i'm paul suckler from cyclic park and this is my solar system i now currently would be classified probably as a full-time professional coach statistician but i do it all on a voluntary basis we have two labradors um named clark and elliot named after ron clark and herb elliot we installed a pool about three and a half years ago and we realized that the running cost was quite high with an electrical pump we realized then we just needed to do something different and so we thought we could run the pool using solar we figured that if we're running a pool we'd want the most as many panels on our roof as we can possibly get we've got a 10 kilowatt system so our system has a 33 panels that they're on both sides of our roof we also have a slight issue with shading that's why we don't have them on the north north edge of the house the inverter is a frontiers primo 8.2-1 apparently it's set up in the best spot we can have in our house to avoid any sunlight we actually paid 8 500 for our whole system it's converted our expensive electricity bill into a very what i call light electricity bill so we're only paying now somewhere around a thousand dollars a year where we were with the pool we're actually spending originally three and a half thousand dollars so we're basically getting back over two and a half thousand dollars in actual terms of payment which means we'll probably we will pay it back within three and a half years it's a great value for us i do like numbers and was worked in as a statistician in the australian bureau of statistics yeah i put together a graph um you'll notice that these are our bills and the spikes are in the summer when we're running the pool and those bills are quite large so i think the highest one's fourteen hundred dollars a quarter so this side of the line is after we installed the solar the solid line is our actual final payment the dotted line is the charge on usage that's being recorded and the green bit is the bit that's getting saved because we're getting the money back from feeding tariffs so that's a pretty dramatic way of explaining how much we're saving um i didn't realize it was going to be so much until i analyzed this the other day for me to the best easiest thing about solar is that it's easy to maintain we've just basically got it installed and i really haven't touched it since [Music] my main monitoring is i just every time i'm at a fund here i just check the inverter to see whether it's working and we've had no trouble whatsoever it's pretty much a big thumbs up for solar like i i never thought i would be in this position and it probably did seem a lot of effort but in fact it panned out to be no effort at all if you're looking for a quality solar install jump onto our website put in your postcode hit the big red button and get up to three free no obligation quotes from heavily vetted installers you can trust and that was paul who got solar and ran with it now over to our ranger of reviews he's going to show us that it's not all sunshine and lollipops in the solar industry here's an example of what happens when you get a cut price system and you don't do your research sorry guys i have to be a bit of a negative ned this week we received a review that i would really like to point out to you guys that this is what can happen in the solar industry a bit too much in my opinion it's not from a client of ours and i won't name them they do advertise heavily on tv so you might see them out there um that's not to say that clients of ours don't mess up from time to time but i read every review on the network and if that ever happens i ring them up and we sort it out pretty quickly this review is from lucy avoid at all costs this company installed a system at my house so poorly that it did not meet standards caused over six thousand dollars worth of damage to my house used modified plugs that were a fire risk and in the end the whole system had to be removed and restated correctly i have had over 100 plus telephone calls with this company um yeah i just want to point out with companies like this one pattern that keeps reappearing is that the after sales service is always quite shoddy their staff are rude arrogant talk over the top of you promise to call back and never do laugh at me when i'm telling them about the damage and outright refuse to help so you can see what the service is like i ended up organizing all repairs myself due to their incompetence i took days off work for installers to show up eight hours late or not at all i have no idea how this company is still in business thanks ned and that's what can go wrong when you don't do your research a hundred phone calls what a misery check out as many review sites as you can before making a decision now for the worst segment of the month because i've got to do some serious work first question through email from david i'm looking at buying a tesla model y with a 75 kilowatt-hour battery and would like to use this as the battery storage to supply my overnight power is there an inverter stroke charger available to do this david i've got some bad news for you mate tesla have categorically stated that they will not allow their cars to output power to the grid or your home so sorry about that if you do want to do that you do have an option you can buy a nissan leaf and if you can find an inverted charger that's approved for connection to the grid nissan have categorically said that their cars will do that the downside is you've got to drive a nissan next question is also from david and it's also via email is everyone into solar called david hi finn i'm in queensland on the government's 44 cents 59 cents with provider feeding tariff nice i'm wanting to move some circuits off-grid this is for fun and to play with batteries as i have an interest in this area and follow all the off-grid youtubers you my friend are a proper solar nerd do you know if i can have some circuits off-grid preferably with an ats automatic transfer switch and keep my feed in tariff so david what you want to do is you want to add more solar and batteries but you want to keep that really lucrative feeding tariff and the good news is you can actually do that but the batteries and solar that you add can never be connected to the grid if they're not connected to the grid no one can complain and no one can take away your feeding tariff now that means no automatic transfer switch because that's a switch that goes from off-grid to on grid you can never connect that thing to the grid so ditch the ats take your lights off grid take your fridge off-grid take whatever you want off-grid as a separate system and keep that lovely feeding tariff third question comes from alfalas via the youtube comments what are some ongoing maintenance tips for a solar system you'd recommend number one get good monitoring and if anything does start to go wrong you'll be alerted straight away and you can get professionals in notwithstanding that as long as you've got a well installed solar system in my opinion you need to get it checked once every five years fourth question comes in through youtube again and this is from william fairley and i guess it's more of a statement than a question finn it's all good being trendy but can you please have a shave and cut your hair fairly rude william but just for you i tried a lot of different looks out over the week [Music] none of them really worked for me apart from this one but you know what looking back at the tape william you're right i did look scruffy and then i noticed that our set looked pretty scruffy too so thanks to your constructive criticism i would like to dedicate our new set which is fairly cool to william fairley thank you william now the new set wasn't cheap so to pay for it we'll be back after a word from our sponsors confused about who to trust when it comes to solar can i trust you who even are you i object so avoid the fear of making the wrong decision with we get you three free no obligation quotes from trusted professionals in your area wow plus all the solar info you'd ever need hey solar quotes can you set me up i'm finn i'm a chartered electrical engineer i worked in solar at the csiro and i've spent the last 12 years totally geeking out about everything solar i've even written a best-selling book about it it's gripping and unlike other comparison sites i've personally vetted over 500 solar suppliers so we only connect you with the best in the biz so before you commit to a solar provider go to wow you've got great energy thanks solarquotes wow there's my pride and dignity out the window now over to a crew that have got pride and dignity in spades was established by david who's one of my best mates and he's an electrician and basically was installing for big solar sales companies back in 2012 and watched them all disappear so obviously by them disappearing he lost a lot of money he wasn't paid for his installation work so like most young ambitious blokes he thought stuff the big solar companies i'm gonna start up my own electrical business and specialise in solar and take on the big guys hence the the name david and goliath we think it's really important you know who's installing your solar system because the end of the day that's the person that you're putting your faith in in your home and your solar savings anyone can buy any brand of product but it all comes down to how it's installed and having the confidence in your installer the biggest trend for us that we see is a lot of a lot of our customers looking to upgrade their solar system because what they have isn't sufficient for the future my doppeldanger well i must admit right now i feel like ricky bobby because i don't know what to do with my hands through this interview i'm not sure what to do with my hands uh be good just to hold them down by your side yeah great trends moving forward um obviously you've got your electric vehicles coming up and batteries but to actually charge your electric vehicle and charge your battery you need a lot of pv so the trend we see now is a lot of people are upgrading their systems to bigger systems to combat the greater electricity draw they'll be having with their battery and electric vehicle one of our most memorable installations was for the zara foundation uh that's a non-for-profit organisation uh assisting women and children uh in domestic violence situations so we're really happy to help out the zara foundation and zara's quest so i do encourage you to look that up on facebook and donate to learn more about installers and see more than 50 000 reviews jump on our website now over to my second favorite segment solar tech the guys this month have been generous enough to give me 59 minutes to talk about my favorite what 59 seconds have given me 59 seconds to talk about all things solar tech time starts now this month i'm going to talk about budget manufacturers playing in the premium end of the solar industry i think that's really interesting let's start with leapton solar leapt and solar are a japanese company who make panels in china now i've given them a bit of a hard time because some of the people selling their panels have been implying that they're japanese panels they're not they're made in china and there's nothing wrong with that anyway leapton have just announced that their product warranty has increased from 15 years which is generally where the budget panels lie to 25 years which is huge that's where people like sun power and lg those really expensive really good panels that's their kind of product warranty so they're kind of stepping on their turf and that's really interesting how that's going to go down talking about inverters now ge massive global beam off have chosen australia to be the first place to launch their inverters but they're getting manufactured by a budget brand called goodwi how's that going to play out they're going to be charging premium prices to find out more about goodwill badwi go to your local urologist website if you want to find out about leaks and solar panels about goodwill inverters come to solar quotes we've got all the information you could ever need and now the part of the show i know you've all been waiting for the good news is ronald has just arrived on his trusty steed tonto 23 all the way from his adelaide hills mansion and now he's in the building in fact he's in his chair welcome ronald hello what have you been writing about oh i've been writing about uh the canberra battery test reports results now the canberra battery test center that's a government arena funded battery testing yes laboratory yes it's a private organization they get our money to test batteries and tell us all about it and what did you find out did they paint a rosy picture of battery reliability home battery reliability oh hell no no no it's disastrous really when you look at it then they tested a total of 18 batteries guess how many work without a problem nah 15 no two guess how many are still available in australia well both of them no just one okay there were big problems with battery reliability yes and this is why in my opinion batteries are so expensive if we compare them to the batteries they put in cars through the roof you've got the cost of home batteries going up and you've got the cost of car batteries going down so since 2017 the cost of a car battery for an electric car has fallen by around one third but as you can see well home batteries keep going up so let me get this right five years ago the experts were telling us that home batteries would plummet in price over the next five years oh yeah and they haven't yes some predictions said we'd have one in ten homes would have one by now some even more and your theory is that the reason there's this price disparity between home batteries and car batteries home batteries have actually got more expensive while car batteries have got cheaper is that the manufacturers are factoring in the costs of dealing with all the problems they're expecting yes of course normal business practice they have to do it they're covering their asses so why are they expecting all these problems with home batteries and not car batteries uh they had lots of problems with car batteries they sold them apparently they haven't sold them yet with via home battery storage so the thing is with a home battery it's going to do a lot more work while it's still in warranty than a car battery an electric car battery right you take the tesla 3 model 3 the type i drove it can provide 160 000 kilometers of driving under warranty uh home battery the powerwall 2 is going to provide about seven times more energy while still in warranty to wrap it up a comprehensive testing regime over years has found problems with most of the home batteries it's tested home batteries have to deliver about seven times more energy than car batteries so they're way more expensive and the manufacturers are having issues with them and as far as ronald's concerned his theory as to why home batteries are so expensive which has confounded many men and women but not our ronald is that the manufacturers must be pricing in having problems in the future while the batteries are under warranty and that's why at solar quotes if you want a battery we say go with the really big brands who will have a brand to defend who will honor their warranty but if you just want to save money you don't need to buy a battery you can get tiny zero even negative bills in most parts of australia just with a decent sized solar system now ronald yes i believe that you've actually written a love poem that is true i've written a poem about how much i love reliable batteries the title of this poem is hooking dorothy and mckellar to a generator to make electricity by getting her to spin in her grave trips off the tongue the love of dispatchable power of energy on demand from gas and coal generation has caused the world much harm the cost of this convenience brown streams and soft dim skies i know but cannot bear it my love is otherwise i love a reliable battery i make you sweeping claims for varied discharge ranges off-grid or on the mains i love their endless cycles i love their durability there's beauty with no error the long lasting battery for me uncontrolled thermal runaway all tragically too soon making cells fire spouting fountains the hot gold flames of doom dangerous tangled dendrites allowed to slowly grow pierced battery cell membranes and sparked the burning glow core out my heart my warranty a replacement it does deny when sick at heart or before us we see the battery die but consumer guarantees god and we can bless again the arrival of a remedy for a fair and reasonable claim a durable battery deterioration it can withstand all you who do not love them you will not understand though technology holds many splendors wherever i may die i know to a reliable battery my homing force will fly beautiful reynolds thank you have you sung it to any batteries yet no not yet i haven't found one worthy [Music] [Applause] that brings us to the end of episode three of solar quotes tv and being our april show it's also the 64th anniversary of the patenting of the first silicon-based solar cell that was six percent efficient by bell labs in the u.s now the 64 years has inspired me to follow ronald's lead and do a little performance for you will you still need me mppt me when i'm 64.

mppt multi-powerpoint tracker i thought it was funny [Music] you.

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