SolarQuotes TV Episode 2: EV taxes, solar-chilled beer, electricity prices, new solar panels + more

[Music] coming up on solar quotes tv the government puts the handbrake on evs we meet an aussie adventurer with a taste for the finer fins south australia goes from zero to hero with power prices we say hello to possibly the most powerful solar panel to hit the australian market all that and slightly more on solar quotes tv episode two i'm finn peacock founder of solar quotes electrical engineer let's get straight to the solar news we'll start on a bit of a sad note some very dramatic very important news that we've been bombarded with by the mainstream media it's official kim kardashian and kanye west's love story is coming to an end no not that one you clowns i'm talking about taxing electric vehicles or as we call them evs victoria have announced firm plans starting in july this year to tax fully electric vehicles by two and a half cents a kilometer new south wales and south australia have got firm plans but thankfully the sa opposition is dead against it so let me break down exactly why i think this is terrible politics terrible policy and terrible economics australia has the worst electric car uptake in the developed world if you slap a tax on electric cars you're going to reduce that uptake even more two and a half cents a kilometer are you kidding me a fuel efficient petrol hog diesel car only pays 2.1 cents a kilometer so you're actually penalizing people for driving a car that's got zero emissions it's nuts in europe people are being incentivized to buy battery electric cars in december last year two of the three best-selling cars in europe were fully electric economically it's nuts to start taxing evs before you make conventional cars pay for all the damage they do through air pollution climate human health ten years ago when i was starting out in solar there were talks in australia of taxing solar panels and they said someone's got to pay for all the poles and wires if they'd taxed solar in australia i'd probably be working in the coffee shop next door right now australia's now got the cheapest solar in the world and it's got the highest uptake per capita in the world and that's through good government policy taxing evs is stupid but then if you want to avoid being taxed per kilometer traveled there's a simple solution ride a bike like solar quotes on facebook follow us on instagram or subscribe to our youtube channel reviews at solar quotes are really important for lots of reasons but one reason is they're a feedback mechanism how do we keep an eye on what's going on out there it's through your reviews so thank you for those now let's go to ned the ginger ninja of reviews the man who this week set a world record for the most solar installation reviews read in one week it's ned thank you this one's for a company that i personally love they're called ag solar and they've recently just been absolutely killing it on their reviews this one's titled 9.9 kilowatt solar edge install and it's from scott it goes like this ag solar installed a 9.9 kilowatt solar edge system for us of all the companies i asked for a quote trent was the only one who responded to my messages after hours and on weekends the system has been fantastic dropped our electricity bill from 1 000 to 150 in the last quarter the quality of the components is important but the quality of the install and after sale support is crucial ag solar resolves some minor issues post install very quickly and we're willing to come out on site before i sign the order to check the roof and fuse box that's another thing that i think is really important it shows what a great installer these guys are not every installation is perfect but what is really important is when companies will come back and fix up any issues and then scott wright would highly recommend them for your install so yeah that's the most interesting review of the week this strawberry samurai will be back next week for more on installer reviews checked by our ginger ninja go to our website and click on reviews now back to some real talent and ask finn your opportunity to ask me any question you want about solar or anything even what should your tire pressure be on your mountain bike all right we've got letitia this is through facebook a 6.6 kilowatt for 2699 from an approved solar retailer seems cheap yeah apparently it was 6399 would you recommend no latisha i wouldn't recommend in my opinion that is way too cheap i if you break down the cost of this thing you look at the cost of the panels the inverter the installation the balance of system components the marketing you look at the margin that the installer has to make for in my opinion to run a sustainable business and be around for the next 20 years and provide customer service on all that good stuff i can't see how they can do that and besides they've dropped nearly four grand off the price where's that four grand gone just because they're of the clean energy council approved solar retailer doesn't mean they're any good i'm afraid six years ago it did but since then in my opinion schemes gone down the pan and so you can't trust them just because they're an approved solar retailer so if it's too cheap to be true you know the rest now this one's from winnie i had solar installed 12 months ago and we were generating heaps back to the grid in summer this year i've noticed that on the really hot days we do not export any to the grid yet the power we're using is no different to a lesser hot day what could be the issue so the issue here is that your solar system is producing less gross generation when it's really hot two things i can think of here one your inverters getting too hot and many inverters when they get too hot will de-rate which means they will reduce the amount of power being produced so if your inverters in direct sunlight get it in the shade the other thing is solar panels do produce slightly less electricity when it's hotter the hotter they get the less efficient they get but that would be a much smaller reduction than the inverter the only way to definitively know is to have a look at your monitoring and that's one reason why monitoring is so important it lets you troubleshoot stuff like this definitively and that was ask finn if you want to ask me any questions and get them answered on solar quotes tv hit us up twitter youtube facebook email the usual hi i'm eddie may i'm from nrg solar we started in 2014 fixing and servicing solar systems and now we install residential and commercial solar in sa as well as battery storage the advice i give to anyone looking for solar is first of all don't buy something over the internet don't buy something over the phone get someone out to your home get them to have a look at what your property is like get them to look you in the eyes and work out the exact system that's really important for you my favorite piece of kit is the fronius smart meter customers really get to understand not only what is their solar doing but what is their house using of that and what's being exported to the grid and also you know what size battery is perfect for them uh who would play me in a movie well i'd like to say probably leonardo dicaprio but my mates would say kenjong because they think i'm ciao so um you can cut that bit out i don't think you can say that when i was growing up i wanted to be a musician i couldn't play anything but i thought it would be good my favorite installation we put an install on the esplanade and it actually won a solar cutter of the year prize for best install what would i be doing if i wasn't doing this i'd be retired and playing golf and doing stuff all i think my personal greatest strength is my timing like this dump truck that's just arrived in the middle of this shot to learn more about installers and see more than 50 000 reviews jump on our website now over to a little-known all-aussie adventurer with an english accent answering the eternal question can you keep your beer cold in the middle of nowhere using just the sun australia the new land one of the most isolated and hostile environments on earth a place where through sheer will and tenacity man has been able to survive and thrive despite the extremes of nature [Music] to conquer this force man has resorted to many tools but could the ultimate savior be right before our eyes and above our heads today i will be putting the sun to the ultimate survival test and ask the never before asked question can the sun keep your vital rations cold i've got all an outdoorsman could need a tesla model s a two man tent a battery a solar panel and fridge to keep my vb cold we're here at brighton holiday park and the road test this week is can i keep my beer cold using only stuff i bought off ebay so if we have a look around me i'm surrounded by 50 000 rigs whereas i'm here with less than 500 worth of gear and i'm not plugged into the grid i'm just plugged into the sun so if we have a look at the fridge the beer's at 4 degrees it's been a 30 degree day today i think it's going to be about 30 degrees tomorrow but i'm confident that in 24 hours time with no grid connection i'll still have cold beer because we've got 80 watts of solar panels here um cheap lead acid battery that holds about 400 watt hours of energy just enough to fill that battery during the day and keep this fridge running so yeah i'm confident i'm not going to run out of cold beer [Music] well i've had an exhausting day being at work setting up my enormous tent is time for me to hit the sack let's see if the fridge is still cold in the morning timing kangaroo down spot tiny kangaroo down for pedi by spinning fossil fuels fossil fuels man can never truly rest when he's in nature he must be mindful of the threats that lurk beyond the nylon zipper jason stop hitting chantal well it's day break oh i had a crap night sleep some horrible dream about scott morrison and a lump of coal ah the other beer's still cold let's have a look oh yeah feels like about four degrees to me breakfast the champions so there we have a uh another successful solar quotes field test the sun can keep your beers cold all through the night now off to work to see any of our past field tests please go to and subscribe to our youtube channel or jump on facebook who is the idiot in the bad t-shirt and will someone teach him about the scientific method please now to my favorite segment yeah solar tech complaints last week from the production crew i went on for two hours and they had to edit it down to two minutes so now they're holding me to 60 seconds or less can i do it let's go [Music] new solar panels from sun sunpower always excited by what sunpower bring out these guys are the maseratis of solar panels because they're great and they're really expensive so they've brought out a maxi and five ac panel comes with a micro inverter installed in the factory on the back of the panel and it's massive it's the biggest residential panel we know of available in australia up to 415 watts that's huge but how long will the maxion 5 415 be the biggest residential solar panel in australia longy who i think of the third or fourth biggest solar panel manufacturer in the world have just announced a 420 watter but they're cheating because it's a bit bigger than the sun power and it's not 60 cell they've created their own category 66 cells now longi huge solar panel manufacturer i think they're on track to make 10 gigawatts of panels this year put that in perspective oh come on i've got two hours three minutes and 55 seconds left the people love listening to me droning on about solar panels and cells and all that stuff come on please i'm begging you [Music] if you're as obsessed about solar tech as i am you can read for hours on our blog at and click on the blog link so we had a lot of feedback about ronald's appearance last time and we ignored it all and we're having him back uh what are we going to talk about today wholesale electricity prices oh yeah they've fallen around the country so the big news was that in the last quarter south australia who have a reputation for the highest wholesale electricity prices at least over the last decade yup are actually this quarter the lowest in the country that's not just a quarter it's last two quarters past seven months what brought south australia's wholesale price down so much two reasons one the covid brought it down but also thanks to renewables and we can tell that they've had a large effect because wholesale electricity prices are lower now than they were six years ago when gas was even cheaper than it is now and uh our electricity consumption was lower so in south australia would it be right to say we have a lot of renewables and we fill the gaps with gas that's 100 correct we now generate over 60 of the electricity in the state from renewables and the remaining produced from gas now there's a narrative that renewables make electricity more expensive because they make it harder to manage the grid because they're variable um yeah that's basically there are of course costs to integrating renewables into the grid but they renewables lower electricity prices for several reasons and the major one being is they have zero fuel cost so if you've got a coal power station or a gas power station you're not going to pitch your price below the cost of coal or below the cost it's a good way to go broke yeah it's a good way to go broke all right so south australia lowest wholesale electricity prices in the nation does that mean we get the cheapest retail electricity no it doesn't because the wholesale price is only about 30 of your bill the other parts are retailing distribution and other stuff so we get lower bills but not incredibly lower bills how much lower can will our bills go in south australia what can the consumer expect i'm going to go out on a limb here and say ronald's pick it'll be three cents or more because we didn't get as much of a cut last july as i think we should have based on the uh wholesale spot prices so come back on july the first see if ronald's prediction of a three cent cut in south australia is correct what about the rest of the country those people not lucky enough to live in south australia oh uh they'll get uh cuts as well uh the largest in will be in victoria they've had a large fall in their price so is it fair to say that south australia is proving to the naysayers that renewables actually drive electricity prices down hell yeah definitely now ronald before we get to your ode the federal energy minister has contacted me oh yes he said we have a very important matter that we need to get straight on right what is it what is the name of this segment is it ronald's rap is it ronald's rapture oh oh i can give the official answer this is segment is now called beardo weirdo both words will appear on the screen what where are they oh come on fire the graphics guy so i don't know about you but i can't really understand a technical treaties unless it's rhymes oh can you help me out sure i i wrote a wrap a wrap yes would you like to hear it i'd love to one two one two three oh hi there people you know me gonna tell you all about electricity we got global viral economic slowdown and electricity prices are tumbling down but the price pools are all wholesale so electricity bills still as big as a whale but it's a whale that's getting smaller more like a dolphin than a beluga and the drop isn't all because of disease we gotta thank the sun and the stiff breeze renewable power also helping the fall and that's to the benefit of us all south australian prices were scar high were the most expensive by a country mile but then the state built lots o renewables people say it's bad so full of bull put on rooftop solar everywhere wind turbines grand power from the air with a fuel cast that's pretty much a zero renewable power the wholesale price hero hard figures for sa i'll now dispense kilowatt hour charged full 2.8 cents the price slash will occur in july which means you can afford more pie beef pie down with my homie ronald sqhq yes if you want to hear more from mc ronald please like solar quotes on facebook follow us on instagram or subscribe to our youtube channel [Music] so that's a wrap remember if you want to hook up with solar installers but if you want to get quotes from installers you can trust and very exciting news we're resurrecting our instagram account so find us on instagram be time followers unless you're my kids because no one wants a dad on instagram you

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