SolarQuotes TV Episode 1 – Tesla Model 3, comparing solar panels, induction cooking and more


[Music] coming up is the sun setting on australian solar a fugitive takes a tesla model 3 on an epic two-day road trip and we boil not one but two eggs all that and slightly more on solar quote tv hello i’m finn peacock from solar quotes and welcome to solar quotes tv so what we’re going to do is we’re going to look at solar what’s new what’s interesting in australia and around the world and i’ve got to say it’s traveling pretty good from our perspective here at solar quotes the amount of solar installed in australia for every man woman and child is 644 watts that’s about two modern solar panels australia is leading per capita that means we’re beating both germany and japan i think that’s pretty cool what about the outlook for 2021 well hi it was pretty enthusiastic because at solar quotes we’ve had a really strong start to 2021 it’s been the strongest start in the 12 years i’ve been running solar quotes then i read a report commissioned by the aemo the australian energy market operator and i felt pretty miserable about the future well predicted solar is going to fall off a cliff in 2021 [Music] which was a bit of a worry so are they right hey i’m humble enough to say i don’t know but i’m pretty confident they’re wrong why because we’re having such a strong start to 2021 and also this report must be based on a model and this model must be along the lines of the longer it takes to pay for solar the less people buy it here’s the thing about models also known as simulations the best advice i ever got as the electrical engineer was from my control teacher dr stuart burge how you doing mate wherever you are he looked me in the eye one day and he said be careful finn simulation is like masturbation the more you do it the more you’ll think it’s the real thing solar modelers bear that in mind okay more evidence that these modelers are wrong and that we’re gonna have a really good solar year is western australia on september the first last year 2020 they slashed their feeding tariff they almost halved it so what happened to the demand for solar that we’re seeing at solar quotes in september october november and december of last year it’s the strongest it’s ever been it hasn’t missed a beat so if wa is the canary in the coal mine that’s telling us that we’ve moved to a new phase of solar people they’re saying we don’t actually care about the payback because we know it pays we know it’s a good idea we’ve bought a house we want solar and if you’ve ever had solar and you’ve experienced a tiny and negative or a zero bill there ain’t no way you’re going back and if your friend’s got a zero dollar bill and you’ve got a 2 000 bill that’s pretty good incentive to buy solar at solar quotes we get 100 200 reviews in every week of solar installers solar panels solar inverters and solar batteries and the job of ned is to read every single one of those reviews and it’s probably read more solar reviews than anyone else on the planet let’s go over to ned and see what the best review of the week was last week thanks finn i read a lot of reviews every week and this was the best one i saw this week it’s for a company called goliath they’re one of the companies we recommend very highly here at solar quotes and i would say their attention to detail is just magnificent the title is excellent installers great service being a person who has a disability who has cerebral palsy and a developmental educator i was after a replacement system for my three kilowatt system my friend recommended goliath i found daniel and the whole team at goliath very understanding to my needs and situation they explained the process every step of the way and worked with me to meet my needs and money that’s something we hear a lot from about goliath after the install daniel called and checked in on me to confirm the service and if i had any questions it’s great to have old-school customer service and there you go that’s a fantastic review from a fantastic company i see a lot of reviews every week about 150 this one in particular goliath made sure that they were reassuring every step of the way which is not something you get from every company and it’s not something you see every day this is the af segment where i actually have to do some work okay first up we’ve got michael clark on facebook michael clark aren’t you busy pushing cheap solar on the telly oh no wrong australian test captain sorry michael asks how cheap does a battery need to be to make economic sense short answer they have to about half in price slightly longer answer the unsubsidized cost of a battery has to come down by about half for it to make economic sense now in some states you get battery rebates that reduce the cost so for example six months ago in sa you could get a tesla powerwall for about half price and they were flying off the shelves but that party’s over there’s a much smaller rebate in essay now but short answer they have to about half in price next question also from facebook from kurt benso why would i pay for a wreck over a jinko great question so wreck is a premium solar panel brand fairly expensive jinko is a good budget brand great value why would you pay more for the same amount of watts for a premium brand like rec over a budget brand like jinko one with rec and the other premium brands you generally get a longer product warranty typically 25 years instead of 10 or 12.


Secondly degradation generally speaking the premium brands degrade less over time you should get slightly more performance out of a premium brand question number three alexander to tell again on facebook can supply charges be reduced by exporting to the grid yes the credits you get on your bill you can use to pay off the rest of your bill so for example you can get your bill right down to zero or you can get it negative and the most difficult question of the week is from david and this came through on email at the weekend i currently have a single phase home i want to get solar now and a battery and electric car in the future should i upgrade to three-phase the general advice is if you’re building a house from scratch absolutely upgrade to three-phase because when you’re building it’s cheap it’s gonna be less than a thousand dollars unless you build as a crook if you’re upgrading an existing house upgrading to three-phase is generally really expensive you’re looking at three four five six grand in that case you’d be amazed what you can do with a single phase supply so david for example in queensland he could get oh 13.3 kilowatts of panels he could get a 10 kilowatt inverter export limited to five kilowatts um he could add a battery to that with dc coupling he could charge his ev at seven kilowatts which is enough to charge it from empty overnight you can do a hell of a lot with single face spend that three four five six grand on bigger better solar if you’ve got any questions at all about solar batteries electric cars energy efficiency how to make a good cup of coffee i don’t care hit us up on facebook or twitter tell us a little bit about your business andy uh we’re a solo installer retailer we uh cater for battery storage and uh sort of more in the top end of the market with uh premium equipment been doing it a bit over 12 years we’re a family business we started the business end of 2009.


I’ve got both sons involved in the business so having the family involved in the business is really important to me what should people be thinking about when they are going to buy solar i can tell you the most important thing is for someone to find a local company they can trust someone who’s been around for quite some time and a company that’s actually interested in coming onto the site having a look at the roof having a look at the main switchboard and finding out exactly what your individual needs are what’s the future for solar is it battery is it cars what’s the future for solar i think ease of use uh monitoring uh tracking performance of systems um that’s really come to the fore yeah okay couple quick uh one word answers on these so who would play you in a movie about you oh geez uh adam sandler yeah yeah yeah because he’s a goof no felt really good thanks for bringing it up man elon musk hero villain oh certainly a hero i don’t agree with everything he says but what an innovator an absolutely amazing amazing company amazing person now andy thank you so much cheers finn [Music] i’m afraid to say there’s been a bit of friction in the peacock household this week you see i’m a solar nerd and the only way i’ll reach my dream of a hundred percent powering my home with solar is to rip out the gas meter and replace it with electricity and that means ripping out the gas hob you know where i’m going here yeah my wonderful wife thinks you can’t cook properly on electricity her last experience of cooking on electric was in her student hovel one of those crap electric hob things so join us now as we do the ultimate road test cooking on gas versus cooking on induction i’m here with luigi’s delicatessen joined by luigi in his beautiful industrial kitchen how you doing luigi beautiful mate i’m looking forward hey the induction versus the gas now just uh independent opinion yes is this a fair test well it looks to be we’ve got the same amount of water in the pot we’ve got an egg each yeah both from the same chicken yep um i believe yes we’re we’re at a fair start now we’re going to do something a bit out of the ordinary for a professional like you we’re going to start with the egg in the water that’s right normally wouldn’t but uh but let’s do it then we’re going to see which one’s first to boil yep and then we’re going to wait three minutes and then we’re going to pull out both eggs yeah then we’re going to crack them open yeah see which one looks the best sounds very exciting should we do this gentlemen start your pots ready set go my eggs in six seven eight nine okay we’re on okay [Music] good fun watching water boil amazing huh having a blast in terms of electricity it’s pulling 1800 watts 1.86 kilowatts so right it’s a good chunk of power so louis got any uh kids or anything yeah uh three three kids yeah yeah cool yeah yeah yeah i’ve got three kids too oh brilliant half a dozen between us that’s right all fertilised decks yes yeah what’s happening over there you got a little bit of a boiler bubbling i’ll tell you what mine’s not bubbling as much so i reckon the inductions just got its nose in front at the moment what type of induction banner did you get uh this was from ikea and it was 59 bucks is that it hey finn do you like singing uh quite like rapping oh yeah can you wrap that tomorrow i don’t know the words i can i can wrap the solo quotes around go on solar if you need a quote we’ll make it happen for you i like it i ricky hey we both have a lot of music we do and we’re not joking with each other either oh oh we have action well i can see it starting boil up and this one here is lagging behind a little bit the induction is way ahead at the moment we’re getting close five seconds to go luigi four three two one zero let’s do it all right let’s take them off [Music] there’s your induction egg there’s your gas egg this is your egg on the left with the induction yep this is the gas egg over here tension’s killing me mate the big test okay let’s do a bit of a crack it’s a three-minute boil let’s have a look inside look at that nice and runny beautiful okay is that good that’s good that’s a really nice egg let’s have a look how far we’ve got with the uh as you can see not as developed there mate it’s still quite undercooked with the uh so if you serve that one at lu luigi’s delicatessen that’s a little bit underdone so that one there you can see it’s a little bit more intact this one here obviously still a little bit undercooked it’s been a pleasure having you today our egg off is knocked off um we’ve had a ball thank you phil i’ve made a friend for life well yeah hug her hug come on then he’s a good boy come back any time you like because think we can safely say it’s induction one gas nil and i’ve got to say darling looks like we’ve got many years of induction cooking together to look forward to everything you need to know about solar batteries electricity energy efficient appliances visit us at and now being a complete solar nerd my favorite segment solar tech this week we’re going to be talking solar inverters so what is a solar inverter a solar inverter is a box that sits on your wall it takes the dc current from your solar panels and it converts it into an ac current and that’s the current that all the appliances in your home use so you need one on a solar system now some very exciting news especially if you’re one of those tesla fan boys tesla announced they’re going to start making their own solar inverter instead of relying on other people to make them for them the specs are quite exciting it’s got four mppts that means multi-powerpoint tracker for you non-nerds out there so it’s really good for big complicated routes it’s really flexible the other cool thing about this is it’s got over-the-air updates to its firmware so like your phone if you want to update the software it just arrives over the air you don’t have to do anything you don’t have to call out a solar installer you don’t have to plug anything in really cool and it’s nice and big it’s eight kilowatts the only problem is it’s not available in australia yet but don’t worry i’ve got some good news because just the week before tesla announced theirs a company called delta electronics the taiwanese company announced they’ve got a new inverter coming out delta make really good inverters and guess what it’s got four mppt’s it’s got over-the-air firmware updates and guess what it’s eight kilowatts so if you can’t get the tesla inverter and you really want tesla here’s my advice buy the delta one put a tesla sticker on it if that made absolutely no sense to you and you want to learn more about converters just go to the website use the search box and search inverters now let’s be honest there’s only one reason you’re watching this show and that’s for the man with a beard the man who writes ridiculously long blog posts when a hundred words will do it’s ronald ruckles so ronald what you’ve been up to this week uh this week oh well i wrote about my experience driving a model 3 tesla [Music] how was that pretty good pretty good i liked it let me explain it to you in detail very good it’s a bit expensive i expect it to get cheaper that’s quite a succinct review for you ronald thank you thank you i aim to please how long was the actual review 7 000 words [Laughter] that must be the most comprehensive model 3 review on the internet surely could be but i think it lacked a certain poetry i could improve on that so what did you get up to in the model 3 because you didn’t just take it for a half hour spin you could see a tesla did you no i took it for two days up through the grape squishing regions of south australia that was very nice um i thought it was a good test of the car now a few months ago you tested a model s how does the model 3 compare to the model s oh okay well the model 3 is a very good car but the model s has everything the model 3 has but more that includes more expense so i um i’d have difficulty affording model 3 i could never afford a model s that’s you know beyond me so you you’re an old hand at electric cars you’ve test driven loads i mean all of three three and an eighth cargo then oh i didn’t drive let’s talk about the range the range is good um it’s the longest range car in its price range i’ve driven it when i got in it was at 95 charge and the car told me it could go 320 kilometers and when i drove it i got 145 watt hours consumed per kilometer i drove on average so if it was char the battery was charged to 100 you’d be able to do almost 350 kilometers that’s a pretty good way tesla promise it will get 490.


That’s quite a difference that’s a huge difference so um tesla on their australian site when you go to buy one it has big numbers 490 kilometers then a little bracket says est for estimate which is ridiculous because uh they know exactly how far every tesla drives each tesla vehicle is a snitch that reports back to the politburo just how far they’ve driven so so just to be clear just before you press buy now yeah tesla tells you that the range is 490 kilometers that’s what comes up on the screen and what would you expect the average person on a typical day to get out of the tesla with a full charge a new car about 350. was it fast oh yeah um i believe it was a bit too fast ronald what do you mean by that i believe a heinous crime was committed uh a modestly heinous crime care to explain i finned i drove the tesla too fast i sped this is my first ticket ever uh so as you can see in a 60 kilometer per hour gut zone i was driving 200 no 70 kilometers per hour 10 over the limit and i’ve received a 466 dollar fine that’s not a business expense take responsibility for your own criminal actions no i don’t think i will i never have so far and look where it’s gotten me now that’s not the only trouble you got into after you published the post i believe you got a bit of heat from some uh tesla fans yeah yeah what was their main complaint they said that the government forces tesla to lie about the range of their car i didn’t really get it yeah it’s kind of nutty isn’t it so from what i could see they were complaining that you were pointing out that the tesla’s range is way lower than what they promised you on the on their marketing materials yes and their argument was that because the australian government uses a certain standard for range that has to be on the windshields they are somehow forcing tesla to put that range on their marketing materials yeah i mean i’m a tesla fan i’ve got a power wall i’ve got a tesla car um but then you get the really hardcore ones that will excuse anything and you know let’s be honest tesla marketing doesn’t always tell the truth elon musk doesn’t always tell the truth he’s a big exaggerator let’s uh let’s show the glass demo now i’ll show you tesla on the glass could you try to break this glass please oh my god well maybe that was a little too hard tesla have had some heat for build quality oh yes the build quality was awful in tesla’s it was terrible you can look at videos online of mutant mobiles which all sorts of defects in them as they came out of the factory uh but now the one i saw it was pretty much perfect i saw nothing wrong with it very clean looking i couldn’t to my eye i saw no faults and the owner was very happy with it so and he i asked him about the build quality he said it was good so see looks like tesla’s fixed the build quality on the model threes it looks like it what about the seats were they comfortable big enough for americans um they’re comfortable they mult adjustable in multiple ways and it remembers how you like it so um and the interesting thing is when you stop the car to get out it will raise the seat up to make let you get out nice mm-hmm or if you piss off elon it doesn’t but uh you know don’t tell anyone about that feature so far driven a model s yes you’ve driven a electric australia post van or something yes that is correct acv that was it yep and they’re going to be some are going to be made here in south australia maybe they’ll build a lot we’ll see uh you have driven a electric mini i’ve drew an electric mini and it was very fun and you’ve driven a model 3.


Yes i have which one was your favorite uh of them all i preferred the model 3. i’ve got some good news the australian dollar is up 77 cents to be a us dollar at the moment i looked on the uh american tesla site see how much a model 3 costs over there and at today’s exchange rate after adding gft our on-road costs uh tesla’s 1 375 delivery cost the cost of a mo the cheapest model free is under 60 000 australian dollars straight up yeah straight up well the aussie dollar is well strong at the moment yeah and you’re paying 70 just under 72 000 for it now on the tesla site so i figure don’t buy one now wait for tesla to drop the price a bit hopefully that will come oh tesla are gonna love you yeah let’s summarize great car great car very expensive very expensive more than enough range for most people yep more than enough in range for most people but a lot less than what tesla price that’s right there you have it folks and that was the rap with ronald come back next week and we’ll talk about something else and probably give it a different name really interesting facts about the number one nerd topic the international space station feel free to throw these out at your next dinner party not that you probably get invited to many the international space station 160 kilowatts of solar lithium-ion batteries eight separate arrays each 20 kilowatts their flexible arrays that roll out like a tape measure and over 24 hours the international space station sees 16 sunrises and 16 sunsets pretty cool though so that was solar quotes tv thanks for watching if you’ve got any questions at all or know anyone that’s thinking of going solar point them at the website solar quotes dot com dot a u now to see you out we’ve got the poet laureate of toowoomba mr ronald brackles and is owed to the tesla model 3.


The electrons were a torrent of current through the copper wire lithium batteries discharging raking speed ever higher the road was a ribbon of asphalt upon which the sun did blaze and a model 3 came driving driving driving the model 3 came driving through the dusty haze its bonnet was aluminium its chassis made of steel a plank the only item beneath the steering wheel with battery knife full 340 kilometers it could run and it drove a gentle whirring its electric motor whirring its motor rotor twirling under the burning sun three thousand battery cells were beneath three thousand battery cells were hid beneath the floor a mechanical pop-out handle adorned every door there was no instrumentation just a single giant screen and on it were numbers rising speedo numbers rising kilometers per hour rising now 200 clean the driver spied the camera but by then it was too late he’d broken the law of a road and by that had sealed his fate you’ll never catch me coppers was his defiant cry but the wheels of justice were turning turning turning the wheels of justice were turning and his words became a lie said that did it have cup holders or what oh it had cuff holders yes you

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