solar panel on the pop-up roof this is my old solar panel I'm a huge fan of photovoltaics on the camper because you can simply stand around for a few days and keep your cooler running and still have power this one definitely doesn't fit on the pop-up roof not only because it's prett big and heavy but also because it looks very ugly with these plastic holders that's why I thought of something a little different and you're about to see what it is I chose two flexible solar panels from "off grid tech" they both have 80 watt, so 160 watt in total that's the same amount as I had before I think they're very handy, the only downside is that the complete surface needs to be glued I really don't want to glue it on the pop-up roof but I have a solution for that these are airline rails they will be the base for the whole construction you're probably wondering how I want to put the flexible panels on the rails you'll see that soon, I'm gonna install the rails on my roof first but I'm gonna do that outside in the sun the main part, installing the airline rails, is done I put on very heavy steel girders to way it down it was actually pretty easy I was able to use screw holes that were already there and also reuse the screw quite a plug and play solution I'm gonna stop working now the sun is already setting and tomorrow morning I'm gonna check if it's cured and if so I can continue unfortunately I don't have any thin cut-off wheels left but there's a hardware store in the next village I will show you how I'm gonna get there I got this new invention the battery of my electric longboard was broken now I simply pulled out this solar cable connected it to a XT60 plug and in my backpack I have a huge 12 ampere hours 36 volts battery now I can simply connect it and I'm good to go so let's go! I put on the retaining plates for the solar panels just to check but I'm not happy with it yet, I think I miscalculated I think they are way to high that's why I need to do it all over again this time I'm gonna make two cuts on the inside of the metal sheets bend it back again and do a welding seam this way the metal sheet will get a nice trapezoidal profile of course that means two extra welding seams per metal sheet the aluminium welding worked pretty well and a little practice never hurt nobody so I'm gonna take the metal sheets back to the garage the panels dried for 48 hours time to take the weights off and then I'm gonna make a seam around the panel the seams are looking very good and are drying now and in the meantime I want to do something for the airline rails on the bus I still need end caps for them but they are super expensive so I'm gonna try to 3d print them, I already have a design so I'm gonna try that now I'm very happy with the outcome many things will only proof their quality over time for example the solar panels, I couldn't really see the difference in the solar supply yet when the pop-up roof is up or down firstly because the sun's not really out today and secondly because my battery is pretty full other things that are gonna show over time are for example if it creates a bigger airstream when driving fast or if the panels get dirty quicker because of their ribbed surface but I'm gonna keep you updated on that, so don't forget to subscribe so see you next time, have fun and take care!

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