Solar Sun Tracking DIY – Rotating platform for Solar Panels! (doubles power output)

hey there. this is just a quick video to show 
you how just using that wooden base and those   two pieces of wood you can make a swivel base 
for solar panels. very easy swivel to make. you   see how easy that swivels. it's totally quiet, 
smooth and a great way to increase the amount   of power you can get out of solar panels, it's 
just two boards with a lazy-susan bearing in   between.

Those squares of wood are just scrap wood 
eighteen by eighteen inch and then some scrap two   by twos. I think the wood was a dollar or two 
at Home Depot. that's all you need. just set it   up like that, put the Harbor freight set or any 
other panel on this and just by swiveling it a   couple times a day facing the Sun you'll be able 
to pretty much double the output of the panels.   you certainly don't want to be lifting these 
and turning them several times a day – big pain   in the (neck).

again just use the two eighteen 
by eighteen boards put the lazy-susan bearing   between them for a nice smooth swivel base 
and then I use the 2 by 2's so the frame will fit   on there. balances really well and for wind 
or anything you can just set rocks on either   side or bags of sand or something to get it to 
not move. so there you go. any questions let me know.

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