Solar Soda/Beer Can Heater – Temperature Output Test 1: 145 Degrees – The Rusted Garden 2013

welcome to the rustic garden today I want to test out my solar can either I build about a week ago this is the back side of the heater I'm gonna actually turn it around so you can see how quickly it does heat up hopefully it does work today's sorted the perfect test day in that it's below 32 degrees right now it was snowing a little bit I have it looks like maybe 15 minutes of full Sun you can see the temperature is just around 30 degrees maybe 32 degrees this is the digital thermometer I'm gonna use in the tubing where the heat comes out just to show you what the temperature is but it's cold it's windy and I'm flipping the heater around now this is the Solarcaine heater that I built and as this warms up I actually let me just put the thermometer in now here's the heat vent put a cork in it just so that it stops the heat a little and let's see that says 40 degrees and falling let me turn that down there we go so as I talk actually it's starting to heat up already so I don't know if you can see that but it's going up to 43 44 the Solarcaine heater works by harnessing the solar energy from the Sun and it's designed right down here cool air comes in goes into this manifold or chamber in the bottom of these cans there are holes the air goes into the tubing that's made from the aluminum cans they're spray-painted black the Sun hits the cans heats up the heat heats up the air inside warm air rises so the warm air comes right up to here starts filling in actually this whole chamber up here and it comes out through that tubing and that's where it would where the heat will be redirected into my greenhouse as the warm air rises it creates a convection current so that will draw in more coal air here so I'm not even using a fan and if we take a look at this now that's at 53 degrees and rising so that's pretty good remember the temperature out here is about 30 32 degrees it's been about two minutes and it's already warming up now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna pause the video let about 10 minutes go by and come back and show you what it's at so it's been about 10 minutes and hopefully you can see this but the temperature is at 123 degrees and rising and you can see steam coming out of there right now the temperatures going down 124 see if I can get that 130 and you can actually see the steam coming out of there 1:40 let's just see if it keeps going slowing down a little bit all right looks like it's stopping at about 140 anyway this is the quick test you can see with the thermometer digital thermometer did hit 144 degrees hope you enjoyed the video this is a small scale model but I'd say that this is a success please check out my blog at

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