Solar Powered Laser (pointer) – one “hobby size” panel runs it! – simple DIY – fun experiment!

hey they're. just a quick video to show 
how to run one of these laser pointers on solar power  (items needed) there's the laser pointer running. works perfect. no batteries. just hooked up to 
the solar panel. inside you'll see the spring   at the bottom. that's the negative connection 
for this and the very edge right here where   it's kind of silvery. that's the positive 

Just slide the negative wire in.   it grabs the spring in there. so that's secure 
and then the positive side just gently slide   that in like this so that it's pressing up 
against the top right there and that will   connect with the positive side. then you can 
just bend the wires around or whatever you   want to do to hold it like that. okay solar 
panels in the Sun right now.

I ran a wire in   the door. that's the solar panel wires coming 
in. remove the batteries. there's the pointer.

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