Solar Powered Go Kart, Clip 1/2

okay so this is a this is a electric go-kart which is powered by a solar panel we're going to walk through the parts real quick just so we remember how we did this so this is 190 watt solar panel standard the Astro nerd Astro energy or something like that and it's connected basically down here the Morningstar charge controller which is connected to two 12-volt 50 amp power BB batteries which are sitting an aluminum case routed to an all tracks charge controller which is routed to a pot box throttle stereo to 5k ohm which is attached to an e I think it is what is it EMC motor 12 horsepower which is attached with the gear the sprocket from McMaster to the chain single axis of the cart it's a single axis it's not a through axle and then the cart was from Northern Tool I don't think they make a mission so we have basically the switch here see on/off switch which controls the motor and we have the throttle and brake here and that's basically it so will will demonstrate the driving capabilities of the electric go-kart oh it's still on the jacks focusing on this when I forgot some solenoid white Rogers 24 volt high current contact two 12-volt Energizer Chargers so that they charge independently

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