Solar Powered Crypto Mining CHIA On A RPI – Pt 1 [Hardware, Panel Location, Mount Fabrication]

as you can see here we've got what they're calling 
a solar generator this came with the solar panel   it also came with some lights here it came with 
three of these and they've got a plug on them   that plugs into these three amp 3.2 volt 
one amp outputs which i'm probably going to   cut these barrel connectors off and get some buck 
converters and be able to use those for something   else coming up here possibly we're going 
to see what the measurements come out with   so this is essentially a 55 kit and that included 
the solar panel and three of those lights and some   charging cables for like usb in case you need to 
charge it and you don't have any sun which at the   moment kind of is what is going on in texas as we 
have a tropical storm coming in so these indicator   lights up front here very inaccurate completely 
useless from what i've been able to tell all they   do is use excess electricity wish that they were 
not there even another nice thing is that it is   a true 5 volt 2 amp i did measure this this is 
a raspberry pi 4 4 gigabyte just the can of kit   and we've got our usb connected to 
the external hard drive and we've   also got our ethernet connected and this is 
a five terabyte western digital easy store   and it's being powered by this and that's being 
powered by that so you can see here that is the   essentially you know there's no input this is 
where you would input connect either the usb or   the solar panel and at the moment this 
is just running off of battery backup   now it's been able to run for pretty darn good 
amounts of runtime and i mean when i say pretty   good mounts i've been able to get this to operate 
in farming mode until about 6 30 in the morning   now with the tropical storm hitting 
texas right now things are a little bit   uh darker outside so let's go out there real quick 
and i'll show you what i mean by that if you can   see behind me here and if you can take a kind of 
look at the sky here it is uh it's kind of like   a tropical storm that's coming in at the gulf so 
that has things a little bit cloudy at the moment   i've had a lot of problem getting solar in inputs 
that would be viable for the past couple of days   so i'm gonna work on the rpi portions of that see 
if i can even get that like another watt trim down   um i've been able to get things pretty 
consistently to about 6 30 6 45 in the morning and   that was on high solar output days and that was 
literally two days ago the last time i had just a   full day of high solar output the battery has to 
be charged all the way back up to make it there   even a slight variation on that has a major impact 
as far as what the actual battery will be able to   accumulate in store uh you can see results if 
you have a really cloudy day like today or like   yesterday kind of a halfway through the day just 
it over completely uh your battery may not even   get to 50 charged it's not like a linear scale 
it's uh dramatically fall off scale whenever you   have that kind of loss of solar inputs so there's 
some things that i'm trying to work on also to   see if i can get two hard drives running so far 
only one hard drive one five terabyte hard drive   has been able to be powered by the system i'm 
really hoping that i can get together this system   have it run throughout the night and that we can 
put together some numbers based on that of what   sizing out a larger solar system would look like 
what kind of redundancy you would need to have   if you wanted to have like a continual system 
uh what kind of battery banks you would need   some other things and then probably build out a 
little bit bigger of a system here's how i usually   have this mounted and you can see like this just 
goes up here and there's like a pretty decent gap   uh in this door and then there's just a big old 
piece of weather stripping there so you can see   that we're like at 4.4 here and we really should 
be at 5.

Let's go take a look at the actual panel   out there in the placement and asides from the 
clouds why this is also just a bad spot for it so yeah over here you can see so this is my janky setup that i've 
got going on right now and like   these clouds have progressed now to kind of patchy 
clouds not that bad um but the panel this is self   so really it should be at like a 30 degree angle 
like that and it should just be facing south um   and so the other problem that this has is that 
the roof line is the sun setting cuts it off   probably about three hours too early here's 
my idea of how we might be able to solve this when that earlier rain just got soaked 
right up and it's back to crunchy grass   so originally i had planted on just welding an 
extension onto this uh piece of bar that i put   in place to hold like plants that got killed all 
the way back unfortunately during the icepocalypse   and i plan to just extend this up really high 
but as you can see the sun is still going to be very hidden much of the time so i'm not sure where it's at it's probably 
like right up there right now but as it goes   down just even a little bit more that'll all 
be shaded up there and so yeah we end up losing   out on way too much way way too much uh as 
a result of that so i guess my options are bring something out here build some sort of a 
like platform out here you got water on your paws   poor guy that's bruiser so i could 
put it up on top of the roof also   but that cord is just not long enough so i would 
have to do some extensions or something like that   i mean by the time i do that 
i might as well consider that   i'm just going to go ahead and build something 
out here i don't want to do trenching this is all   solid limestone for the most part underneath here 
so trenching is not something that's fun to do um yeah and the other problem 
is that even if i do that the   the way the roof is angled it's 
just not optimal for any sort of yeah so i guess ground-based 
is really what i do need to do   yeah i was thinking of putting it up 
here because this is actually pretty flat   this is just a 112 pitch on this so if i 
just put it up there that might not be a bad   option yeah i could put it up here and just kind 
of like have it angled but i think the chimney   is going to block it so i don't think that's 
a good option after all everything's kind of   up and down that's south the direction 
it really needs to face so every one   of these is going to present some sort of a 
problem i don't know what to say about that maybe i could stick it over here no no that's going to get blocked from there   i don't know i just don't know yeah and 
i don't really want to get into putting   holes in the roof yet without a better plan and i 
have no plan at all so that seems like a bad idea i don't think the roof's a good idea i 
don't think it's going to go up on the roof   maybe up on top of there yeah i maybe could put 
it up on top of there hmm it might not be bad and   it's gonna catch a lot of wind though like when 
it when it gets windy it gets like crazy windy so i'm not sure that's a good idea yeah i really don't want to go screwing around 
with any more trees or anything like that i mean   we lost a lot of trees already this past year 
definitely don't want to get into chopping down   more trees just for this project maybe a 
larger solar project might be feasible but   not for this one i got an idea actually 
i don't think this is a half bad idea right down here it's right on the ground build a little holder i can get the proper angle   should have pretty good on it so sun comes up over 
there i guess that tree will block it for a bit arch is over there the ecliptic so late day 
it should get really good charging which is   really what i'm after here yeah if we 
ever do a larger project i could see   myself definitely sticking some panels down here 
but again without a plan there's no reason to   go chopping up anything or taking on 
any extra work or anything like that i think i'm just going to 
build fabricate a little uh   a little a-frame or something like that so that i 
can set it on there and that way i think i think   that that'll cover everything that i needed to do 
i'm just going to have it pivoted at a fixed angle   now you're supposed to actually have it at a 
different like kind of variable angle to get the   optimum output from it so in the summertime it's 
supposed to be different than in the winter time   while the fall and this spring pretty much are 
the same uh degree and so at your latitude and   i'm right at 30 that kind of is you know like 
that but being able to tilt it back or forward   like about i think 10 degrees or something 
like that is something that you're supposed   to be able to do so i might even pre-drill 
some capabilities into it so i guess i've got i've got a couple sheets that might be okay i 
could use that as like the base for the holder   for the plate and kind of just like 45s or something like that that could 
work it doesn't need to be complicated and   i think i got enough scrap metal that 
i can just weld something together here   so that should be okay let's make something 
i shouldn't be feeding this cat this isn't   even my cat but i can't say no to this 
kitty plus he keeps all the snakes away   so i think that we've got a workable plan here 
it's time to get welding let's get started for scrap battle yeah it's like 20 
feet maybe maybe a little bit more pretty cool pretty cool it's not bad for a little bit of effort looks 
like we've got some bigger storm clouds coming in   oh it feels great though it's like 78 degrees 
this is the perfect day to do this by the time   that i'm back we'll be working on the software 
side of this and i'll have that ran inside so   that it can run full-time as always hit like 
hit subscribe and we will see you guys next time

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