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Ben welcome here thank you
thanks I've got really curious about this stuff behind Ben and Ben's
adventure. How did you end up with this lifestyle? I decided to travel and I want
to travel long without a lot of costs so I came to the bike with the solar panels
charging the electric bike so I'm self-sufficient in distance and in speed
and then as I had a trailer. I had some room in the back
My main sports are kite surfing and free diving and these two I have
with me with my tent and with like a winter sleeping bag, winter clothes,
summer clothes because I'm away for unlimited time the bike is a high speed
the normal Koga world traveler tracking bike and then the motor the
whole system is built afterwards. This is my rotor, this is my display where I
have a lot of interesting So you check Instagram there!?! Yeah text messages
website visitors and this is my control for the for the motor where I put in the
watts how many watts I want to give What do you use usually? 220 – 330
something like that yeah.

Even if your motor is much more power yeah it is a
thousand watts yeah yeah but I don't need to knows much more When you use that power? going uphill up till, up hill or rough terrain and it's actually made
for cargo bicycles it has a lot of interesting features like a trottle
regeneration break this is the controller this is the where everything
happens where the Trotter comes in and then it gets the signal to the motor so
battery obviously very big powerful motor I made so stronger to connect the
tow bar to the frame itself professional-looking box, ah this is a watertight professional approved box two panels, solar panels coming on then I have here coming out my charging one USB professionally put together and for a
second USB for two other USB boxes I can also put this and then the transfer for
the for the fridge well again going from 48 volts to 12 volt use it more as a
cool box than as a fridge I have two times 200 watts to charge a battery it
is more than enough on sunny days on cloudy days I can manage I go a bit
slower with less distance it's not charging so much when I cycle because
you you change directions the whole time you have cars passing you have buildings
trees the the power is fluctuating a bit too much to have a good charge the best
charge you get when you get it when you have a break when you put it in the Sun
and then it's going very very quick my average is around 20 but I can get
around 3035 on very good roads and when you start to break what's happening so I
have there's a magnet here that is controlling the regeneration break so
the moment I want to brake a little bit I just touch deliver the pads are not
yet touching but the motor is already breaking and that gives me sometimes
downhill until 300 400 watts of power going back to the battery and then when
I really need to brake of course I just break front I'm back and try to stop
downhill it's sometimes difficult to stop because of the weight is really
pushing but it's basically once you go down the hill you charge completely your
battery it's going very very quickly very nice this booster this is like the
magical part that makes the 24 volts from the solar panels makes it a 48
volts to the battery and makes it all so special for charging this is a roof
basically for electricity oh yeah the Boosters itself are waterproof your
connections I made myself so yeah they are more
but indeed the panels is great the panels are covering everything so
everything stays nice and dry I wanted to keep my hobbies cutting harness to
carts with the belt underneath my board that's my winter sleeping bag for when
it's very very cold – 27 Jesus everything summer sleeping bag food
store small things toothbrush and here under almost forgot these are my
freediving Vince my automatic lights connected to the Dynamo in front of the
bicycle long wetsuits short wetsuit boots gloves tent mat little boat all
under the tent my shoes getting some air very important duct tape very
interesting I think with that pages but you can I have these things so take how
many kilometres you cycled already a little bit more than 11-thousand do you
have a goal in your mind no not really I and actually it's quite easy because I
just cycle every day a bit sometimes hundred kilometres sometimes less
sometimes more so your average is hundred ninety two ninety two hundred
bicycle everything costs money and when you want to buy some food yeah what you
just right there and what you do just leave it you have a look you have a
chain I don't know IPS system or are you not afraid that
someone just take all this goodies and I have a lock to locks on my bike but
I'm not really afraid that people are going away with it because you have to
know how to get away with it and it is so heavy that you just can't quickly go
away and then concerning everything on the bike it's all coupled together and
then tight it's not easy to get it out so even for you even for me because I
don't want to lose it on the road I also decided not to worry about that because
if you worry each time you go into a grocery store and each time you leave
your bike that's a lot of Maria because nightmare and yeah then it's not good
for your heart and good for your health so I decided only to I only to worry the
moment something is gone and then see what is gone and what's it cost and see
and then worry at that moment don't think you need to be quite fit to to
even steal this thing do you know the total weight of all your setup my
trailer is around 100 kilos completely filled like that and the bike is 50
kilos with the motor and the bags so there's a whole trailer is 150 so in
me on it it's 220 around when you come to visit our and people take more
pictures of you with a bicycle over the pizza tower how do you feel about that
people appreciate it people see it as as something really adventurous something
new people invite me just to have coffee just to have to put a tent in their
garden or they cycle with me a lot of people have just they come along with me
and then they ask where I have to go and they just go for for 10 15 20 kilometres
talking with me yeah yeah yeah yeah it's great it's a just amazing also then I
get local information where to go the best friendly nation so far that's very
difficult because and every country people have been very very friendly but
the reactions are 99.9% positive it's a good percentage
yeah yeah someone will decide okay tomorrow I'm gonna cycle the same way
live the same style kind of lifestyle and what would be the cost just to start
the bicycle widths completely with motor and a electricity completely installed
as around 4000 euros ordinary and the trailer if you I made most of it myself
so and the guy who will did it for me did it for free thanks to marine
techniques and not to forget fits car excel dot b e for the trailer ID the
trailer if you would build it like that I think thousand thousand five hundred
euros empty trailer with the solar panels and electricity are with the
solar panels solar panels are around I bought them around two hundred per
piece and the booster is also two hundred per piece so that's like eight
hundred and enter yeah around five fifteen hundred to get support like five
thousand if you have only one thousand year instead of four thousand euro would
you be able to pull out something similar to travel maybe less powerful
less beautiful with 1000 to 2000 yeah to tau you could it's it's you could easily
make a restricted version of it smaller panels lighter motor same battery
perhaps with everything shortened and then to become smaller so it would be
it's it's perfectly possible yeah I'll take some toys I have some space I need
the space for solar panels I need space for the toy so everything together makes
it a yeah I'm very happy with the robot world camping is it hard in Europe in
general no no I haven't had any problems it's been quite easy but of course I
started at in Scandinavia where it's allowed so you can do it there so you
can enhance your technique to find a good spot just out of sight and
but not only out of sight but I wanna keep an open side to the east so in the
morning my panels charge when I'm not already out of my bed and I'm still
sleeping I have some strategic calculations yeah yeah yeah yeah I have
to find out the place well sheltered but open to the east side
and not too much view from the street when you can be you thing like where the
wind is blowing so just to keep the tent but here a deeper analysis it's another
it's another game what's your modifications go further on that the
idea of having suspension in the on the trailer
we didn't make suspension because we didn't have the time to test and to do
and in first idea also was that the more loose parts the more chance of breakdown
so that's why it's rigid put the two panels on top of each other in the
middle that would make and then when I stopped open them to charge fully and
that would make my trailer like almost half a meter a meter shorter so that
would make a maneuvers a bit more comfortable and there is no problem with
wind blowing you know because it's quite flat I haven't had a lot of problems
with wind I have to tighten them sometimes to get the just to brake a bit
the play of the solar panels generally breakfast is just cereals and then some
bread and Nutella for lunch and then in the evening depends on the country how
expensive it is I go for dinner or I go for lunch in Scandinavia I ate a lot of
pasta with red sauce and it's and then in Slovenian Poland it was like eight
euros for a lunch for chicken with some fries and some vegetables so then then I
just go eating if you consider on wild camping every every night then the
budget is just for food average rain in two days and it's bad weather I need a
shower I need to be inside for the night then then of course it's more difficult
if you didn't have kite surf with you yeah
would you get would you go for smaller version yes yeah yeah it certainly kept
the size of the stoppers for you or desires for your needs Ophir no it
follows there the solar panels actually and the solar panels could be a little
bit smaller I ordered smaller ones but they they had
only one in stock and then they offered me this two bigger ones for the same
price so I couldn't refuse that so that's why they're quite big but I'm
happy with it so the winter is coming yeah it's not
Game of Thrones but where are you planning to go I'm no planning to winter
like the old people in in south of Spain or Portugal and perhaps cross to Morocco
you never know if people want to follow your trips where should we go to they
can go to Sun bikers calm and there you have also my lead on on Instagram and
it's not a day-to-day diary but it's the stories the encounters the adventures I
read a couple of them really interesting stuff so we wish you safe travels and
all the best thank you very much and keep in touch yes yes nice meeting I
guess important one is to travel no matter what you using or campaign or its
bicycle or it's walking it's all great you cannot find your 412 Oh everything
yeah I hope you liked the video and learn something new definitely not a lot
of bicycles on the road like this and once you see one you will turn around to
have a second look I would prefer to have normal bus with a couple of bags
minimalist style and the rent things on the way but if you want to travel with
your own gear then this is perfect you put all gear on the trailer and you are
ready once you have a trailer why don't you put solar panels on top and charge
your battery so you could travel a bit longer you decide see in the next video

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