Solar Power Incubator part 1 Solar Egg Incubator India Low Cost

this is all our quatrains better they have a look to buy life away solar bio committed or 2005 and it is tested and approved by IAD fat ass in China India this solar Quattro incubator is the first of its kind in India and at present it is distributed among various NGOs all over India this solar 40 incubator what's with the three power sources one is having the drink the other one is with Isola the third option is the battery so before starting this machine we have to connect the battery properly because without battery this machine will not run because you want to store the power here that time and second part is the solar panel solar panel connector to the cable we have to keep on top of the house and facing towards the equator if it is in Nigeria it is towards north but in e4 India we are using to it salsa so this solar quadrant where is actually connected and this we have to plug here the last option is the grid power grid power you get connect here now this machine is ready to function so if I started making voice because the I I guess that temperature is 100 degree Fahrenheit I personally this machine having only 85 degrees parent instance so once this will achieve 95 to 96 then this deep sound goes on and the humidity this is a humidity meter there this a percent it is only 84 but it will reach up to 86 to 90 inside the incubator we got a light system to see the X inside and this is a semi-automatic machine so we have to move bounnam and push the lever stop

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