Solar Panels UK: Are they worth it?

I think we live on a beautiful planet. But we know that a lot of bad things are happening To the environment on earth. Let us not just talk about bad things. I think we all know this is not good now. I want to do my best to get along with the environment and make sure we are beautiful In the future, the garden planet will not be a mess. But I also want to do this while enjoying My life is not to get myself into financial trouble. A method that seems to make sense, if you are a homeowner, install solar panels On your roof. The current use of electricity accelerates the climate change. So replace it with access to a free, clean solar direct roof In principle, every day seems bloody and obvious.

However, I live in the UK like many people. A place with no reputation A sun-drenched destination. So in this video I will explore whether solar energy Investment in the UK. It’s not just that it’s a good idea that makes you inside The hippies feel warm and fuzzy, but will they make money? Energy prices continue to rise In the UK, solar panel prices have been decline. But Britain is not known for its sunshine.

Recently, the government deleted the feed Tariffs, which are the money they pay to people with solar panels. Then they added Taxes on the new panel. So it seems unclear at first glance. So, does Britain actually have enough sunlight? It is true that Britain is covered with dark clouds and gray, it turned out to be the sun The panel does not need direct sunlight. They can work well under this kind of scattered light. A technical measure of how much sunlight hits different places is "sunlight". There are various maps on the Internet where you can check the amount of sunshine in your area. Compared with other EU countries, the UK ranks third in terms of total electricity It is produced by solar energy, which is higher than that of sunny countries like Spain and Portugal. Looking at the sunshine or solar radiation map, you can clearly see the UK The sun is much less than these southern countries.

But, England, the most densely populated parts of the UK show roughly the same amount As the sun of Germany. Germany produces the most solar energy in Europe, almost 3.5 times that of the United Kingdom. It has become the world's top solar photovoltaic installation program for several years. There are as many reasons for not producing in the UK as most solar in Germany Go down to politics, not lack of sunshine. ###From a financial point of view? There are two main methods for solar panels to give you a return on investment: 1. Save electricity bills. You are not buying as much (or any) electricity from… grid. 2. Sell the electricity back to the grid. This is called Smart Export Guarantee. You can Must sell hours at a lower price per kilowatt, more time than you buy from the grid, but you You can still get paid electricity for producing your own stuff. Over 85% of people have purchased solar energy in the past few years and have used savings to pay in advance. So let's compare investing in solar energy and depositing cash in a savings account And arouse interest.

When there are many different variables to solve this problem. I don't want to get There is too much weed in this video, but I will add some links to the description Real geeks watch the full number of this video. If you deposit money in a savings account, it will win a little interest. If you put It becomes a stock and you have the opportunity to make more. Then you do have the risk of loss too. I will compare buying solar energy and relatively low-risk stock investment 3.5% return. For the solar panel system, I have inserted some reasonable numbers into PVCalc Designed specifically for this. I put it on the solar panel and battery The system currently being installed is less than £8,000. Similarly, I will link to the complete To elaborate, but this is a 5kW system with a storage capacity of 4.8kWh. So let's do the math… With this setting, you will make more than £5000 in more than 25 years ** Invest in stocks**. The system will recover its costs in just 10 years, and Everything else after that is profit. No need to pay income tax now, but obviously it may change in the future on.

But what if you don’t have cash? Still don't want to tie it up? If you borrow all the money Suppose there is a good financing transaction, say 4.5%, and you need to repay slightly more than £400 per year 10 years (after saving). By year 16, you can earn hundreds of pounds a year Profit. Obviously a large number of variables have changed these results. Main one The thing to consider is how long you are going to stay in your home. In the U.S Shows that solar energy has added considerable value to sell your house. not sure in England. But these numbers do show that for many people, solar energy is United Kingdom. And we didn’t even talk about other benefits such as avoidable Power off, or just knowing that I’m happy to stop about one ton of CO2 emissions Per year. I hope this can help you. If you have any questions, or what you want me to see for me For the next video, please let me know in the comments and click the subscribe button if needed See more!

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