all right so today was not really construction day was more of a material pickup day so I got a lot of stuff so that I can start trimming the windows once the windows are trimmed out then I can install the rain screen strips and then we can start on the siding and I also have to do the utility box which is that the the front of the house or I guess where the tongue of the trailer is one question that we've gotten over and over and over again is are you gonna have solar panels or a solar system on your tiny house now me personally coming from a background of being an electrician and researching photovoltaic systems like you wouldn't believe I don't feel like a solar system is an ideal situation for a tiny house one of the main things being is that in the tiny house is that you have a very limited amount of size that you can actually work with I want to preface this video by saying I think the whole fracking process is totally just ridiculous and so in this tiny house we're not gonna have any appliances or any stoves or anything like that that run on natural gas or propane this is a personal choice everything is going to be 100% electric in this tiny house now with everything being electric which includes your cooking appliances and your heating appliances is that your electrical load for the house is going to be significantly larger if you're using natural gas or propane for heating and for cooking I definitely knew that beforehand just as working as an electrician for such a long time that you know like electric baseboard heaters and any type of electric heater or electric cooking appliances they use a significant amount of electricity so if I'm coming from that place where I need a really really large photovoltaic system a really large solar system that includes a lot of panels lots of battery storage just an overall bigger system there's not a lot of room and a tiny house to fit in there it's hard enough to design it so that it's going to be a comfortable living space and it doesn't seem like too crammed in just with the bare essentials in it and not including a solar system so yes some people do include solar systems in their tiny houses for the most part they are not using that solar system for the heating or for their cooking for their hot water etc etc they're using propane or natural gas so the actual size of their solar system in terms of the panels and the battery storage it's going to be quite small compared to the solar system that we would need for specifically this tiny hips so where are you going to mount the panel's the panel's are typically mounted on the roof if you mounted the panels on the roof of the tiny house you got to remember that you only have a certain amount of height that you can go up to with tiny house in most states it's 13 and a half feet so everybody typically builds their tiny house at 13 and a half feet so if you're adding on solar panels on top of your tiny house that means that the overall structure has to be I don't know maybe another four to six inches shorter in the interior so that you're not going over thirteen and a half feet those panels are also going to add a considerable amount of weight to the house then where you can amount the batteries are they going to be mounted inside the house or they are they going to be mounted outside of the house one of the things with I know specifically lead acid batteries is that they can't um they can't be in like a freezing temperature they have to be at a certain temperature in order for them to actually work properly I'm not entirely sure about lithium-ion batteries like the tesla powerwall uses lithium-ion as opposed to lead acid I don't know the exact specifications whether the lithium-ion battery can be like mounted outside and still performed properly even if it's in like a freezing cold climate not entirely sure about that but in order to have like a really decent system for running all of your appliances on electricity it's going to be extremely difficult to do in anyhow just because there isn't that much sighs there are people that do it and it can totally be done but I don't think that it's really an ideal situation by the way batteries are really freaking heavy too like there's a weight restriction with how much weight this trailer can hold so you don't want to be loading on an extra several hundred pounds worth of batteries in your tiny house because you don't know whether or not you're pushing the limit of the of the trailer with adding in all these batteries and panels and the charger controller and the converter and all that different type of stuff that has to go into a solar system you might be pushing the weight limit of the trailer and that's something that you don't want to be doing either so in my personal opinion if you're going to have a tiny house and you want to have a solar system along with it and you won't have like a pretty decent system and you're not going to be and you're not going to be relying on on natural gas or propane I would make a structure separate to the tiny house in order to mount the panel's and for a place for all the batteries now the best example that I have seen of a tiny house using a solar system would be the tiny tach house they have the panel's sitting on the ground and it goes into the charge controller which is at the tongue of the trailer and their utility box and then the batteries are actually stored just next to the house in this container that is insulated really really well they live in the Pacific Northwest so I believe they live in Washington State somewhere I believe or it's in Oregon and that's the best setup that I've seen in terms of using a solar system along with a tiny house one good thing about mounting the panels on the ground are having like a framing for the panels on the ground in order to get the best efficiency out of your panels you don't have to have your house oriented in a certain direction you can have the house oriented in whatever direction you want and then wherever the panels are on the ground you can orient those in the direction that's going to be the best for getting the most amount of power from the Sun and also because their batteries and their panel is separate from the house it's not going to add to the total weight it doesn't take up any space on the inside so I think that's going to be probably the best way to do it when we take this tiny house a hundred percent solar what I'm going to build is like a solar house that is going to house the batteries the panels will probably be mounted to the top that'll have the charge controller and the converter in this like it'll kind of be like a little shed right and it'll have that all inside if I want to run the house off solar all I have to do is is run a cable to the solar house and just plug into it then I'm not going to run into all those issues that I mentioned before so with solar system for a tiny house obviously it can certainly be done in a lot of people do it but a lot of the solar systems are very small and it's only enough to run the lights maybe charge your laptop and run the refrigerator and that's about it for the most part you're not gonna be able to build a big enough system to do the cooking and the heating off the electricity just because it would take up so much space within a tiny house if you have any other questions that you would like me to answer in video form while I'm building this lovely tiny house leave them in the comment box below and we'll catch you on the next video talk to you soon

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