Solar Panels Direct | No Inverter – No Battery Bank – No Charge Controller

well welcome back all right guys so I have this I don't even know what it's called I got it from cutting edge power like a while back all right so I just been high I just had a hook to our solar panel just sitting in the shed over there but I figured pull it back out because I'm outside doing some things and what it is is a charger right so it actually plugs directly into the mc4 connectors from any solar panel so this is a flexible 100 watt solar panel but I have a 50 watt solar panel a 20 watt solar panel a 200 watt solar panel I plugged them all in just to make sure they all work and it does work so even if you have a smaller solar panel this will absolutely work and yeah oh yeah there's their little thing cutting-edge power comm pretty cool it's got four ports here and I believe if I mean don't quote me but I believe it was 2.1 amps from each USB plug and as you guys can see I actually got my phone plugged in right now it's actually going up to the phone and charging oh yeah very convenient um kind of eliminates the issue of having like a charge controller or having a battery bank having a inverter you know all that right this is basically DC Direct right so DC power coming directly from the solar panel here right and then going directly in and coming right back out as DC so way more efficient right compared to running it through a inverter that takes DC to AC right so yeah pretty cool but yeah um when I had my other worker out here working with me you know he had his cell phone with him and he was listening to music or whatever basically I just threw this panel out in the yard I mean it's really nice to just throw out in the yard someplace right and what we did was we tuck this up underneath the panel like that right and then we just threw the cell phone or whatever it was we're charging I think we had a little battery pack plus the his cell phone and my cell phone all plugged in and we just had it stuck up underneath the solar panel just to kind of keep it out of the direct sunlight right and his stuff was charged my stuff was charged and a little battery pack was charged that's kind of what we did well yeah definitely check these guys out cutting-edge powered comm I'm not even sure if they sell them anymore or not if they don't message them I'm sure they probably have some you know maybe some leftover stock but you know after selling them it's a it's a pretty decisive if I remember correctly guys this thing was actually pretty cheap I mean well worth it for sure there's not many options out there for you to actually plug in a mc4 connector into something right it was going to go through a lot more stuff so I like this um you know positive and negative goes right in and get to go there's a little red light butts gonna be hard to see cuz I'm in the daylight oh there you guys can see it right there so showing that it's on and the Sun is behind the clouds right now and I still charging away let me check the battery on my phone here yeah so when I started this which the video has only been three minutes and I started at 68% and it's at 70% right now guys so yeah she's doing very well so yeah I definitely check them out might be something you might want to throw in your goody bag yeah cherry so anyway guys stay tuned we got a lot more stuff coming up I'll keep you guys in the loop

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