Solar panels china – strong 150W Chinese home system solar panels

Hi Everyone. Today you will see the video showing China
solar panels, and some really strong for home system modules. Here is Daniel from Today I will show you short presentation of
one factory from China which produces solar panels. Yesterday I spoke with Sophia Suw ho represents
this factory and she answered some of my questions. In the end of this movie you will see prices
and some of Chinese solar panels products and how you can order solar modules.

So I hope you enjoy it! Sunny International power Corporation is a
specialized manufacture 1.1 to 2.91 solar panels. Also providing customers with on and offgrade
china solar systems and solar street lights. We have attained CE, DCA, MCS, ROHS, NVDE
approvals for all modules. With 2 factories in Donguang City and Wuxi
Cities in Jangsu Reiver Delta we have an anuual outpu capacity 100-120 MegaWatts. Type: solar panel china SPM50-P, Size panel:
600*600*25 mm, Output 45W, 50W, Price 0,8USD/W Solar panel module SPM-60 P/M, Size: 760*670*30,
Output 60-75W, Price: 0,9$ /W Solar panel box set: 1 set SHS-40W, Size:
450*550*300, Output: 40W, Price $350 Solar panel set to computer, Type : SHS-40W,
Size: 545*215*415, Output: 40W, Price: $170/set Type: 680W solar panels china home system
Includes: 115W solar panel-6 pcs, 12V 200AH battery- 2 pcs, Pure sine wave inwerter 24V
700w-1pcs, 24V 40A controller, -power box and other accesorries, Price: $1580
And many others So here are the questions that I gave to Sophia.

If you want to contact with her just click
the link below. See you next time
My questions to Sophia. What are you specializiing in? We are manufacturer of solar panels, we have
two factories: one producing solar panels from 1w to 150w, solar home systems and solar
street lighting systems with battery, inverter, controller etc. second factory in Wuxi city
producing 180w to 300W solar panels. What countries you are dealing with? – I just sold 100w to 5kw solar system to
India, Philippine, USA, UK, etc. Before 2010, our main market is Europe, but
since 2010 we spare more attention to African market. Now Europe market is around 40% of our share,
and our annual production capacity is 120MW. What cerificates and warranty do you provide? We provide Certificates of solar panel: ISO,

Warranty: 10years. How about prices and delivery? Our prices for solar panels: 10W to 300W prices
can be $0.82/ W. Delivery time is 30days If more than 10KW, price $ 0.9/W and more
than 50KW – price is $ 0.85/W. Delivery time is 45days. If ypu would like to contact with Sophia and
ask her questions about some solar panels china …
Look at the webiste below this video and ask tchem questions. Bye!.

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