Solar Panels – 10 things you need to know – Video 2/5 –

Here are 10 things that you need to know. It's about light, not heat. It can be overcast and the panels still generate electricity. In summer you generate more money because
the days are longer and brighter but even in the winter your panels still work for you. Solar panels are suitable for the vast majority
of homes and businesses across the whole of the U.K. as long the roof is structurally sound. Electricity is created by the solar panels
during daylight hours. The electricity is not 'stored' in batteries. It's a boiler sized device called an inverter
that converts the energy from the panels so it can be used. The inverter is usually fitted in your loft or garage. Here's how you make money and you save money. You are paid by your electricity supplier
for every unit you generate. The amount you are paid for each unit
is called the 'generation tariff'. Whilst you're producing electricity during daylight hours
you are allowed to use as much of it as you want for FREE! Electricity that you generate but don't use,
you export back to the grid.

You get paid for this too!
This is called the 'export tariff'. Whenever your panels are not generating enough electricity
for your home or business you draw electricity from the grid as normal. Your generation tariff and export tariff are set and paid
under the government's feed-in tariff (FIT) scheme. Your tariff rates are guaranteed in UK law for 20 years. They are also index linked, which means they
go up in line with inflation. You receive your income every 3 months, into
your bank account or by cheque, whichever suits you. It's paid by an electricity provider of your
choice from the Ofgem list. You will still receive an electricity bill
for the electricity you draw from the grid. After 20 years the tariffs will stop being paid,
but the electricity you generate can still be used for free.

Panel manufacturers guarantee panel performance for
25 years and estimate their lifespan at 40+ years. There's a 5 year manufacturer's guarantee on inverters
and we give a 5 year guarantee on our workmanship. Extended warranties are available too. Solar panels increase the value of your property. If you sell your property, the panels and
the income stream are passed on to the new owners..

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