Solar Panel, Inverter Battery & Charge Controller Connection – Upgrade your Solar System at Low Cost

Welcome Back Friends! In this video today we are going to learn What happened when we connect different ratings of the panels? Is the solar panel will support the inverter? Is the battery will get fully charged? The home load will run? For knowing them we have made setup This video is for those who have already installed 300w to 350w solar panels. They want to increase up to 1kw or more Run home load and save electricty Watch till end For explaining them we are with Mr. Aksah Kumar engineer of loom solar He will tell us why that thing will support not Watch the video till the end What is this? This is a 12v solar system In that a 12V inverter A 12V battery And 2 panels of 12V If we compare that Its 350w Solar system One cooler also running on that as a load That consumption up to 300W Mr. Akash, please tell me how you made that connection We have made connections in parallel 2 in 1out with the help of MC4 connector Both positive on one place and both negative on another place.

And an output connected to Inverter There is a reason for connecting them in parallel All inverters have technical specifications. According to their VOC range, we do parallel or series connection That inverter VOC range 17V -25V More than that VOC we cannot provide them. Our one-panel Voc 23 If we connect them in series ,It will harm the inverter So, we wire in pareller connection This Battery will full charge after installing 2 no. of solar panels Yes, this battery will charge also but it depends on home loads The power generation of solar panels If you are using as much loads then, there is no sufficient power for charging battery because of the solar power runs load during the day For this, you have to expand solar panels capacity or you have reduce home load during the day So, solar panels gives maximum power for charging battery Understand, if i run loads during the day then battery will not charge Here, 2 nos. of 180 Watt solar panels the total power of bot panels is 360 Watt Cooler's wattage is approx.

300 Watt In this situation, this is running on solar panels Cooler is consuming almost all solar power There is no extra power for charging battery If we increase solar panel capacity, then our load will run and battery will also charging at same time Akash Ji, If I want to run load as well as battery charging What should I do now? For this your question, Please wait…. I will give practical demonstration of this I have Shark Solar Panel and will connect with current solar system.

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