Solar Panel Concept (no longer being developed)

local companies teamed up to create a next-generation solar power panel they say it's cheaper and it'll generate three to four times as much energy as current panels do now it's never been shown to the public before but you're going to see it first only on channel 2 news tonight in fact brain and rhythm is the first reporter to ever see the prototype so ribbon how close is this thing to becoming reality well the prototype is real Christian and believe it or not they're planning to start production in late summer right now I want you to picture a solar panel as you know it in your mind and just throw that out the window because this thing is totally different behind this curtain something never seen before this is the Sun catcher a radically different looking way to generate solar electricity did Kelsey CEO of Reno based snow peak energy showed us the full scale device that his group first drew up on the back of a napkin under the surface it uses the same material currently in solar panels highly concentrated onto small chips and so what we did is we took that very expensive material and decrease the amount of that to do that they made the bulk of the device from relatively cheap materials sheet metal and plastic lenses shaped to resemble a skylight we said let's make something that is profitable here that you know you know makes economic sense the secret is in the lenses that coat the outside of the unit they focus the light onto the solar tips creating a lot more energy for your buck we're calculating that we're going to get about three to four times the amount of power for about 50% of the cost Snow Peak got helped taking the Sun catcher from dream to reality from a company that made its name on making parts for slot machines trip enterprises shapes and machines plastic and sheet metal parts they helped make the lenses with their precise grooves to maximize the sun's energy they also helped finish the design the whole thing weighs about 60 pounds it can be packed up into a fairly small container and the shipped anywhere and built on-site whether that's a roof or a jungle by one person in a matter of maybe an hour and a half the shops already set aside space for full-scale production the designers hope to crank out units this August going to do it Northern Nevada we're going to produce it in Northern Nevada we're going to manufacture it in Northern Nevada and we're going to create a lot of jobs here you're probably wondering how many well Snow Peak estimates this new solar panel will create at least 400 green jobs right here in the Reno area when it gets into full-scale production if you'd like to learn more about the company just like the Kate and look for our newslinks covering the story live Brandon ritterman Channel 2 News

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