Solar Panel – 160 Watt – Monocrystalline (12V charging) Initial Testing

okay so here's the new pals their mana crystalline and still 4 by 9 so 36 but they're they're large and then you look at me standing beside the pal gives you some cop idea of height a and I'm you know 6 feet tall where she can look at my dimensions if you're gonna see semi clouded day so the cloud the sun's actually behind a cloud right now which is not what I intended but you can see it's hooked up and I'm firing two 12-volt 50 watt halogens they're 12 volts 50 watt halogens in series so it's acting like a 24 volt light bulb because it's two 12-volt halogens in series and with the Sun behind the cloud right now that's the voltage job 6.06 walls made ago was 18 that's what it that's what this resistive load is pulling this down so you're actually looking at there at the voltage drop across those two halogens right and now we're slipping into just under two abs okay so here the Sun starting to come on you can see now sun's coming away from that cloud we've risen we're up to 12 now we're pushing 15 volts across see we got some illumination of those 50 watt light bulbs now and we're up into the eye button to the four apps and we're still technically still type of technical a behind the clouds and unless you can see that but it's not it's obscured Sun we're getting some good juice so they're yeah now we're at 20 over 20 rolls loading it down 200 4 amps so she's putting on what do you watch behind the cloud right now which is pretty impressive I'm almost scared just 7.8 open circuit and now this open circuit number and tell me won't tell look 21.1

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