Solar Inverter with Solar Panel and Battery – How Many Solar Panels to Power a House?

Welcome Back…Friends! Today, this video is very special for us Till Now, you watch a video like A solar power is running an independent house but here, the complete colony is running on solar power Here is big electric polls but nearby this area, there is no electricity. This area spreads in approx. 10 km. whereas there are approx. 1000 homes Here, people are using solar power according to their needs They run the most important appliances, such as Water Pump That's submersible pump Here is water level approx. 160 feet and 1HP submersible pump and water tank is approx. 1000 ltr. To fulfil their requirements Which solar system has installed here? The first component is Solar Panel Where I stand, this plot size is 70 sq.guz. Whereas 2kW Solar Panels run the complete homes Nearby this area, there is no electricity.

People are using solar power for electricity.

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