Solar Impulse Airplane – Solar Impulse 2 Wings – #Discover

72 meters long, covered with solar cells, and very light weight It can help Solar Impulse 2 fly around the clock This is the Wings of Solar Impulse Extraordinary flight requires extraordinary wings The wing of Solar Impulse 2 is wider than that of a Boeing 747 Up to 72 meters 9 meters longer than Solar Impulse 1. There are more than 17,000 solar cells in total Covers its wings, horizontal stabilizers and fuselage Provide continuous power for the aircraft without fuel They are the "power skins" of this innovative wing Such a huge wing requires careful design Make it light and strong Swiss company Decision is good at producing high-performance sailboats These sailboats have sturdy carbon fiber sails Just like what we saw at the America’s Cup And these technologies have also been applied to solar powered wings The weight of these carbon fibers is only 90 grams per square meter We failed when testing the first part of the wing This is our most difficult time in the wing assembly process This is a technical challenge, but also a challenge to the entire team Because many people are a little discouraged So we must work hard to unite the team This wing is different from any other airplane The spar of the wing is in the middle, and the ribs are on both sides And on the surface of the wing, there are solar cells I have never seen such a structure It must be very light and therefore very fragile So-called spar It’s a carbon fiber box structure that traverses the entire wing.

It has a honeycomb shape and was developed by Solvay It is sandwiched by carbon fiber layers And guarantee the strength that needs to be endured during flight Attached to the spar are 140 carbon fiber ribs Each is 50 cm apart They propped up the frame of the wing and did not add extra weight The inner surface of the wing is made of an elastic fiber It is glued to the wing by hot melt glue The top of the wing is a layer of photovoltaic "skin" Consists of solar cells To ensure adhesion We use a spray gun of 70 degrees Celsius To handle the entire wing This wing is surprisingly large and surprisingly light.

Every breeze can make it move So two people are needed to support at both ends of the wing Two people can hang under each support pole But further forward or backward, you can only bear a weight of only 25 kg So we have to be very careful about this plane To contend with the wind Incredibly, the wings are designed to be separable from the fuselage And can be disassembled into three parts So that it can be loaded on a Boeing 748 freighter The largest part is 25 meters long But only weighs 350 kg At the rear of Solar Impulse 2 is a horizontal tail. Its length is much shorter and it is also covered with solar cells The horizontal tail has a length of 14.4 meters, which is still longer than other experimental aircraft The pilot uses it to adjust the longitudinal attitude of the aircraft The surface area of ​​the main wing reaches 271 square meters Slightly bigger than a tennis court Such a large area gives Solar Impulse 2 the ability to glide in the air The minimum descent height per minute is 23 meters The glide rate is 1:32.

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